Why you have a problem and how it’s stupid simple to fix.

“You have a breathing problem”

That was my introduction to Geoff Neupert of Original Strength whom we have had on our Fat Black Podcast and spoke at our Triathlon World Summit. I met Geoff way back in March 2013 at a small mastermind meeting I was attending in upstate New York.

The thing is, Geoff was right. It’s been something I’ve been dealing with for a lot of years and most likely stemmed from what I did to my body as a pro snowboarder – a compression fracture of T-12 back in 2000 among a host  of other injuries along the way.

I got into triathlon in 2002 and I guess ‘worked’ my way around it (the breathing and mobility issues) and in the process developed compensation patterns and further restrictions because it was all about the training.

That is the key to success … train, train, train… right?!

Until that is you break.

Now I somewhat figured it out and was able to take significant chunks of time off of my Ironman PB but not without a long journey of the breaking and fixing merry-go-round.

So breathing is a problem. It affects more than just performance.


The more I dive into the lessons from Geoff and Tim and others like Steve Maxwell (linked to below) the more I realise while breathing IS a problem – just working on breathing exercises to fix the problem is leaving a big piece of the puzzle out and hurting my ultimate health and performance.

Our ability to breathe is linked heavily to our ability to move and move freely. Yet I’ll bet that nearly 100% of us cannot and do not move as well as we could and because we are so ‘restricted’ the on flow affect of that is we can’t breath optimally either.

Your lack of movement IS killing your performance and even your health!

Yes you have a movement problem (that is a simple fix) and it’s really due to the way we sit and the way we stand. They both affect the way we move. In todays age we sit for a disproportionate amount of time and have been doing so for most of our life. For those so inclined do the math on your school life seated hours, time in front of the idiot box and how much you now sit to/from work and at work. It’s a helluva lot.

So we go from sitting to training and wonder why we break.

Since I learnt the RESETS in 2013 and introduced Pete to them, we have been advising anyone that will listen that this movement restoration session needs to be in every athletes daily life.

The thing is it takes f-all time to implement and you get immediate benefits. If you B.S yourself that you don’t have the small amount of minutes it takes to do the daily reset then you have the time for injury.

Your choice. A choice to be a winner or a loser (more on that in another short post).

So check out this article and video over on Outside Online http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/agility-and-balance/natural-born-heroes/Natural-Born-Heroes-Vestibular-Reset.html, listen to our podcast with Geoff Neupert & Tim Anderson on making yourself bulletproof (and no there is no ‘upgraded’ supplements needed to do this.. no ‘hacks’ just a little daily movement restoration exercises is all). 

Yes you have a movement problem and it stupidly easy to fix and your breathing will improve too.   

Just 10 minutes a day and you can undo a lot of damage. So go forth and conquer your movement restrictions.