(Video Transcript)

Hey Kristian here from TriSpecific and just before I get my session underway today

I have a question for you…

I want to know, are you satisfied with where you currently are?

And I mean truly satisfied?

Or do you want more for yourself then just watching life go by?

I really enjoy the current chapter in my life story however as the very short trail in lost lake here is Whistler is aptly named “I’m not satisfied” .. I know I can do more, be more, give more and achieve more.

So a tough question for you is?

What ARE you expecting?

Now are you expecting to be strong, fit, fast and healthy?

Or do you imagine yourself, continually sick or riddled with injuries and just can’t get the breakthrough results, that you are after.

Look are you stuck with injuries or sickness or shitty results?

Lets put it another way..

When you see YOU in your mind’s eye, what do you see?

Because your answers are pretty important to that question.

The importance of this cannot be understated.

You will become the way you think. Now that’s a part of the internal story you keep playing up here.

You will become what you expect. So if you believe you can be fast, you can be fit and strong and healthy…

Or if you believe your are just going to be a plodder, a weak swimmer and a shit biker…

Well you’ll be proving yourself right either way.

Remember, when you argue for your limitations and they are yours my friend.

The thoughts you plant in your head … And are watered, get planted into your heart and shape your beliefs, which determine your outcomes.

I can hear you … Oh Kristian … You are really getting hokey on us.

Isn’t this mindset shit all bullshit anyway.

I just have to put in the hard yards in training and it will all come me…

Well I know a lot of athletes that do just that. I’ve done that.

And they still consistently fall short. I fell short.


Lets look at the physical truths.

Every single action you make, every single thought actually does something.


A thought is still an action.

It changes the structure of your brain. There is neural plasticity right.. The brain can change.

And it does so because the brain is in search of efficiencies …

Your brain wants this.

It doesn’t give a shit if the thought is good or bad.

It just makes a neural connection.

Its that connection that allows the brain to become more efficient. The more of the same thought, the more you strengthen the more your brand that neural pathway in your brain.

And that means overtime it actually requires less thought to have that same thought!

Now think that over.. Less thought to have the same thought.

The more you play that story the more you cement that neural connection that was originally made by thought the easier it is for you to have that thought again and again.

So your thoughts can become common to your brain.

So you CAN .. create habitual thoughts. And these thoughts can be both good and bad.

And more so…

These habitual thoughts will manifest themselves in your body and your life.

And this is why you need to STOP and listen to the story you are playing in your head. And those crazy projections we come up with in our imaginations that run wild on the negative shit that will cut you down.

So, I ask you this… what future are you loading for yourself?

What do you see of yourself in the future> Where do you see yourself?

What you need to see is what you really want to see.

Want to be fit, strong, healthy .. I see myself flying up big mountain passes with Mack and Charlotte when I’m 50 and he’s 16 and of course I also see ourselves hurtling down some killer trails on bikes or boards or skis,

I’m building my own superhero story as I played the victim for too long.

Playing the victim is the vampire that literally sucks the life right out of you.

Here is a NEED:

You need to believe to understand and know that you are way more fucking capable than you’ll ever think.

You CAN overcome the obstacles.

Look at life as a series of lessons that just need to be learned so you can move on to the next lessons and those lessons keep repeating themselves until the pain of keeping the same outweighs the pain of change.

Now that is LIVING.

If you’re sick now, injured. Screwed adrenals … The list goes on. You just need to know and believe that soon you will not be.

If I look back to last year when I wasn’t very resilient.

When I was neck deep in adrenal fatigue it was hard to see the light.

But sitting here now on my bike , bloody resilient and fit, strong and healthy …

It seems soon enough right now and I got a load of lessons that I can help people out with and have helped people out with.

So it’s good… There’s a positive.

Here’s the steps:

Put good positive thoughts in your head. (yes I know this is hard when you feel the chips are down and you cannot always be UP … But remember as I said before, the brain loves efficiency and you have to be very careful about the thoughts that become easy for the brain to have)

So… Fill your grey matter.

With the images of the person you want to become.

Yes this is hard and uncomfortable at the start … just keep going and expand your consciousness.

Think those thoughts over and over to create those habitual thoughts that end up shaping your beliefs and getting the outcomes you’ll love.

We have all seen this.. I have lived this. When I worry and play victim and live in negative shit – guess what I’m not fun to be around and I bring about bad shit in my life.

There is not life, there’s no energy and it’s not much fun.

I’ll repeat – our thoughts present themselves in our heads live out in our bodies and lives.

Because the reality is we action our thoughts.

So if you want to be fast, be strong, healthy etc … Think.

Think FAST, think LIFE, think STRONG, think powerful beyond measure.

Our thoughts create physical changes in our brain. Your thoughts will become real physical things.

Now you cannot sit on the couch and go OHMMM and expect to become fast, strong and fit .. But when you think like this when you do the physical action like when biking like a session I’m about to do, thinking and believing you are a strong biker … As Natalie Cook (2000 Olympic Gold Medalist in Beach Volleyball said in her book Go Girl – you should get it because it is great, said the time to believe is when we had no reason too)  

So do that and things start to line up for you.

As Einstein said.. Nothing moves until you do.

Have a growth mindset. Keep moving, keep taking action.


Because… You do deserve it.