Attitude governs wether or not you – your body, mind, spirit and emotions – will adapt to the extent required for you to attain your goals.

With the right attitude you express yourself as “want to” instead of “have to” and engenders a virtuous circle in which good traits like desire, dedication, discipline, determination and detail¬†feed off of each other and power you forward. The wrong attitude, however, will conspire with the five D’s against you. Left unattended it’s the wrong attitude that can leave you crushed by the sporting life, just as easily as it’s the right attitude that makes being an athletic person a great life.

A little personal story. When I started snowboarding at a ripe age of 16 (first time I saw snow) and then later (following year) wanting to model myself after the “professionals” – I was riding and trying to get good, for some reason I had an instant belief that I could be good at sliding sideways on the snow. Anyway I met a few pros and a couple of them that where living the life, traveling the world came out with the exact same remark.. dude, I’m so over this …..

Here I am thinking, over what? I couldn’t understand it. Sponsors, travel, snow and getting paid to do cool stuff. How on earth could you be over that? Well, you know what I learned. Attitude. It is everything.

I became good and pretty quickly. Starting at 16 is not what I call early in terms of becoming a professional in a snow sport, especially one where we don’t have tons of the white stuff in Australia. I became good because of having the right go getting attitude. I had this unstoppable belief and I backed it with an infectious good attitude.

These “professionals” I met had a bad attitude and they where soon replaced by all these young up and comers… But attitude is a choice and something we can choose to have the right one daily. It’s having a good attitude through the inevitable challenges.

Then between 2000 to 2002 I got injury after injury and my attitude started to suck. Guess what happend? Yep my bad attitude, destroyed my confidence and I quit the fun life of a pro snowboarder.

This has turned out to be a positive because I spent some time reflecting on my snowboarding career and learnt some valuable lessons. And a big one is having the right attitude. No matter what your goals in triathlon are. HAving the right attitude will get your there. It’s your choice.