Today the message is short, it’s ‘sweet’ and it’s POWERFUL.

So with Ironman WA bearing down on many athletes this is kind of fitting.

It is also fitting for all of us … whether we are racing this weekend, next weekend or somewhere far in the distance.


Yes YOU are your #1 obstacle getting in the way of your success.

The obstacles YOU put up in the way of your success are mental, not physical and they’re ALL built “up stairs”.

These are the mental walls, you and you only build up in your own head.

These are the ones that are based on who knows what .. fear .. False Evidence Appearing Real or whatever other excuse we may come up with.

So your task today, tomorrow, is to show up.  Show up and BE THERE.

Show up and open up the range of potential in your mind.

Crush down those self-built and self-imposed walls.

You can do it.

I believe in you like I believe in me.

Your potential is much greater then you think.

Look.. you are going to die. That is a fact of life. Our time on this bloody awesome round planet is short.

So why not open your mind and increase your potential? There is nothing to lose and oh so much to gain.

What are you waiting for?

I look forward to hearing your stories of taking down the mental walls in the way of your success.

If you’re racing this weekend.

There is no reason not to give it anything but all you’ve got. Because you are EXACTLY where you want to be.

Kristian “tearing down the walls” Manietta