I might potentially be going on a rant here.

Actually I’m going to go on a rant. Because this truly does my head in.

Athletes are trying to cheat success by looking for shortcuts.

We see this played out on social media everyday … yes we’re watching!

Now I’m not going to talk about ‘cheating’ in the normal sense (drafting, illegal substance use etc), I’m talking about trying to game the game, so to speak, when you have no right trying to do so. Simply you just aren’t that good ‘yet’.

Athletes looking for the short cuts, the magic bullets and the quick fixes.

Anyone or any company promising this, is pure marketing hype. That’s it…. typically if it sounds too good to be true. It is.

Now many of these tools and legal supplements can provide a benefit… But and it’s a helluva BUT.

Until you have the basic foundational components of constant focused training down. And I mean down.

You have no right playing with the tools that are ultimately reserved for when you’re hitting the edges of your potential.

The basics:

Nothing sexy – just the simple basics that work.

Until you have the basics covered and well (you know what I want to say here) covered. These shortcuts you are trying don’t work but they do hinder.

You hope they will … and hope really has no place in your training. Truly the only time in life for hope is when your life is not in your hands any longer and that is the only time.

Going really fast in this sport requires work capacity and it takes months, years of consistency to truly develop work capacity.

Trying to hurry it, is a false economy.

So unless you’re constantly at the pointy end of your AG and have been on the consistent bandwagon for a longtime – give up looking for the short cuts, the magic bullets and the quick fixes.

If you want to achieve anything great in life, you MUST stop looking for short cuts.

Stop looking for the easy way out and stop focusing on those things that whisper.

True success that you can look yourself at in the mirror is EARNED through the challenges we face. Through actioning and through honest to goodness hard work.

It doesn’t come easy or INSTANTLY.

As my athlete John Rutherford mentioned in his race report after his debut Ironman (9:34)

“I read recently a pro-cyclist’s memoir (Faster, by Michael Hutchinson), and he noted up front very simply that everything an athlete does either makes him/her faster or slower. Everything. Do you sit or stand at work? Get 7-9 hours of sleep? Self-massage daily? Take cold or hot showers Everything. Perhaps I have a bit of a psychosis, especially given that triathlon and running are not income streams, but I find it difficult to take half-measures. I never want to be the guy standing on the beach thinking that he’d left something on the table. In a very real way, those last minutes leading up to the starting gun are the most relaxed: you’ve done everything you can do to prepare, and there’s nothing left to do but execute.”

Some of the things that could make you faster will do the opposite when the dose is given at the wrong time.

Focus on the basics, the fundamentals. Get them down and only once you have them down should you try and sprinkle in some of the sexy tools and then if you have re-learnt the art of intuitiveness you can see what benefits said tools, supplements etc may provide.

Ok … I’m stepping off my soap box for today. Make sure you check in to this week Friday Fat Black where we have John Rutherford on the show. Not only did he have a great debut but his story to date is fascinating and you are going to learn a metric crap tonne.