Yesterday I sent this comment to one of my athletes who is racing at Ironman NZ this coming weekend.

“You ARE better than you think you are, and CAN do more than you think”

Please reread that.

That quote is not just relevant for her but to EVERYONE

and YOU included.

Let me tell you a little story.

I remember just getting my provisional drivers license and
heading down to Perisher Resort to go snowboarding.

This was to be my first season… my buddy and I had bought season
tickets and drove the 5+ hours from Sydney every weekend, sleeping
in the car Friday and Saturday nights, snowboarding all day Saturday
and Sunday and then driving home late Sunday.

I remember watching the current professionals in the half pipe one
of those weekends and thinking.

I CAN do that.

I reckon I can become a sponsored snowboarder.

That seed germinated and I strengthened it daily and sure enough
with a hell of a lot of action, stubborn persistence, obsession
and belief…

I was all of a sudden a fully sponsored snowboarder traveling the globe.

Freaking cool.

Then we got into Ironman Triathlon. At 25 I had a decent sized ego.
I watched the plucky Greg Welch years before become the first Aussie to win
in Kona and thought,

I have to do that one day.

In 2003 Charlotte and I did our first Ironman.

I had ‘dreams’ of qualifying for Kona.. but they weren’t realistic. I was this
immature rookie who trained too hard all the time and ended up injured.

11:27 was my result. In 25-29, I was many different post codes away from qualifying.

Charlotte on the other hand, did exactly what she was told. No less and no
more. She got schooled in most training sessions and then come race day
that April… she schooled most of the squad!

She didn’t even know what Kona was… she came 2nd in 25/29 and was
off to Kona.

I got to watch Kona in the flesh and just the act of being there, soaking up the
world championships atmosphere I just knew I had to be toeing the start line.

Fast forward to 2007… yes a long time later and I had only done two more
Ironmans (2004 IMWA, 2006 IM Canada). I was about an hour quicker but
still too many post codes away.

I hadn’t really committed to the ‘dream’.

In 2007, I committed and became obsessed with the idea of qualifying for

“If you become obsessed with your idea, purpose or goal, you will become
equally addicted to the idea of making it work”.

Being obsessed to a goal is not negative. You simply cannot achieve your
greatness without being obsessed on some level.

First up was Ironman Malaysia in February and I was backing up at
Ironman Australia just 5 weeks later. I wasn’t leaving all my eggs in
one basket.

In Malaysia I dropped my PB to 10:06… I lost it mentally that day, which cost
me a 9:XX finishing time.

Five weeks later I went into Ironman Australia with the belief that this was
my day. I had done some solid work.

I had done a load of mental work to strengthen the belief that I should be lining
up on Dig Me Beach in Kona, Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships.

My race was a huge breakthrough.


But I got sprinted down in the finishing chute and that guy got the last spot to
Kona in my age group.


Again I was in Kona watching Charlotte. This time I absorbed every fiber if
being there and used it to strengthen my resolve of qualifying. I trained on the
course and visualised myself as a competitor.

On race day I vividly remember standing on the rock wall waiting to see all the
athletes off and having nerves for Charlotte thinking next year…

I’m going to be in there treading water ready for that cannon to blast.

Two months later I lined up at Ironman WA with one goal in mind. Doing what
ever it took to get a spot to Kona.

8:57:59 got me my ticket to Kona.

I had done it… It took me much longer than I originally thought.

I didn’t give up. I resolved to try harder.

It IS possible.

Now your goals may or may not be Kona.


“You ARE better than you think you are, and CAN do more than you think”

You could swap out the ‘ can do more’ with can achieve more.

And YOU can. I know you can and have seen it again and again with all the athletes
I coach. I have seen it with myself. I have seen it with Charlotte.

You’re no different.

It just takes the right path and the right focus.

Today is a great day. I should be at Brisbane airport ready to fly to NZ and race
Ironman NZ this coming weekend. My hospitalisation unfortunately put a stop to that
but it could have been much worse… so I’m happy and there are more races.