Ironman Melbourne

Oh man it’s getting close and I’m getting excited.

In fact so excited that I’m now actually going to be down in Melbourne watching and cheering.

I’m excited that I have 30+ athletes racing and hopefully many more I have touched with past coaching and ideas to make their IM days even better.

I just got an email from an athlete following my Ironman Blueprint.

“It would be great to meet and thank you in person. You have made a huge difference to my life”

WOW… I freaking love my job.

Today I want you to look back.

Look back over the training you have done to be right here right now. Look at the positive changes that have come about.

You’re stronger, leaner and quite potentially in the best shape of your life.

No matter what you say to yourself or to others you are READY. You are ready to go to battle with yourself and for some you are ready to be competitive.

Don’t tell me you not.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first timer or an experienced IM veteran. Right now it’s an experience of a lifetime. No Ironman is the same. They all hold something different for us. The trials and tribulations of getting there.

Look back.

Look back to all the kilometres travelled under your own steam. There’s some good memories there.. if only we look back.

Not all of those sessions would have been awesome. But all those times you got uncomfortable and pushed through.

Those sessions COUNT. They stretch that mental muscle. They make you ready. They count more then the sessions that for some reason feel effortless no matter how hard you apply the gas.

You my friend are ready.

Show us what you’ve got. Don’t shrink from greatness.

… Because this is YOUR TIME.


Kristian Manietta.