How much is up to you.

Last year at Ironman Melbourne. I had a borrowed bike and road the marathon course. First as part of the entourage following Crowie and Cam go at it stride for stride.

Man those boys were suffering.

Actually minutes before Crowie made his decisive move, he looked to be in the box. Struggling with his gut or something. It was visible and then he went all in and I got to experience something truly epic.

I then looped back to find TS athletes to give encouragement to (i’m pretty vocal).

I found a spot around 5k to the finish and dished out the same encouragement to a lot of athletes passing by. “Hey it’s only 5k… how many times have you run a hard 5k? Come on- push and see what you can do”

Some athletes found another gear they never thought they had. I have been told by a few that I made them hurt more then they ever had with those words.

Their suffering was an all-time high and I can bet right there in the moment their thoughts of me weren’t that great.

But later, when the hurt was an ever diminishing memory they were thankful that I had handed them the gift.

The gift of knowing that they did indeed have more to give.

In every race we will suffer at some point. There is no getting around it.

I believe the more you learn to deal with suffering in training the more you can handle it on race day.

For those racing Melbourne. I truly hope you have suffered in some training and said to yourself. So What … and pushed through, found another gear and have learned that it’s ok to be uncomfortable.

This is the pathway to doing it on race day.

We always face a choice. To end the suffering or to push through it.

Better the devil you know then the one you don’t.

Some will unfortunately end the suffering with a DNF.  Some will back off to a pace/effort that is more comfortable and others will find something out about themselves and a new level of suffering. They will tell that voice to go fuck off. Not this time. This time I’m going to deep. I don’t care how bad it hurts. It will hurt till I cross that line.

Seeing what we have got, I believe it makes up the fabric of who we’re as athletes.

As an athlete isn’t this what we really strive for?

“It’s all about expectations – hell’s a bit more bearable when you always knew you were going there” Iron War


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