Triathletes seem to have an issue with using gloves in training. I’m not sure why that is… personally I never used to wear gloves during the warmer months and only in winter as a neccessity.

That all changed back in 2009, three weeks out from the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Charlotte and I were in Kona putting the final touches on our training and had the company of some great athletes. We had a decent sized brick session planned which was ride the course (minus the Kuakini Hwy section) and then a run out to the energy lab and back from the pool. I never made the run.

We had two minutes to go on our final 15 minute TT and had just crested the last little climb on the Kona course that the Aussies like to call bum crack hill. Thankfully the group had split I think due to a flat and it was only myself and…. (prize for guessing below). Climbing that last little rise I was on my limit and yes for this session it was about sitting on as it was essentailly motorpacing for me and I wanted that little last bit of aerobic capacity boost.

We had a decent cross wind so I was sitting a little to the left, we creseted the hill and flew by Lindsay Corbin who was ridding the course solo and a gust of wind and slight loss of concentration and boom. I was sliding along the Queen K fast and the only cognitive thing I could do was lift my face off the ground as I started to feel my lip burn.

Thankfully there was a gap in the traffic on the Queen K as I ended up in the middle of the road. I picked myself up and moved to the shoulder/bike lane and my first thought was thank fuck I didn’t bring ______ down. (First person to guess correctly in the comments wins an Oakley Running Cap). Put it this way… I wouldn’t have been a popular Aussie.

Now to the damage and WHY I will never ever ride without gloves again (excluding racing).

Yes that is the palm of my right hand and the healing process wasn’t fun. 10 days out of the water, 3 weeks out from the World Champs.. Not Optimal.

Thankfully my Oakley Jawbones saved my face. All in all I got off pretty lighlty. Lost some bark on my left hand on the top, elbow and thigh, knee and lower leg. Luckily the QK is hotmix and not the chip seal we have here on most roads. Getting gravel scrubbed out is not a fun process but wrecking your hands is something that can be avoided by simply riding with gloves.

Gloves not only protect your hands, they also allow you to grip better when your hands get sweaty.

There is simply no excuses to not wearing gloves on a training ride. If you have an excuse, I’m calling bullshit. Go out today and buy yourself a good set of gloves. My last ones wore out and I just got a pair of Shimano Pro – Accu 3D which are summer gloves but they are fantastic.

OK.. remember first person to comment on who’s backwheel I touched which resulted in the above, gets a brand spanking new Oakley Running Cap.