Today I just wanted to give you a quick tip on why we don’t want to do static stretching before our training sessions. I know many of us still have that in-grained into us from such an early age in phys.ed class. You know the jog around the oval followed by some static stretching routine.

There is now so much scientific evidence / research that show’s static stretching (that is where you stretch and hold for a pre-determined time) pre-training decreases both isometric and dynamic strength over different velocities.

Isometric strength has significant implications in terms of stability during complex movements and dynamic strength is obviously important when its come to dynamic movement.

What this means is that when we statically stretch pre-training we end up slower and weaker on fundamental tasks for high performance.

Balance, reaction time and movement time are negatively impacted and more significant to us endurance athletes is that is reduces muscular endurance.

I am very partial to a dynamic warm up! Why?

…becuase you get

All this is easily done and will simply increase your performance. I know we’re time poor but 10 minutes of a dynamic mobility warm up will pay you back in spades.

For now you can check out the mobility and movement prep section for ideas but shortly I’ll do some session specific warm-ups for you on video.