Sometimes I get asked why I coach, and sometimes I ask myself why I chose this profession.

You see, I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones.

The one that gets to live and breathe thier passion and add value to the lives of those that I coach and those that buy my programs or even are just subscribed to my list.

See I have a mission.

By 2015 I want to have made positive impacts on the lives of at least 10’000 triathletes.

This means, better consistent performances and better long term health and having triathlon part of who you are and not who you are. This means that we don’t compromise the family unit.

So thank you for being an athlete or subscriber of mine. I truly value it.

And the below is why I LOVE what I do.


“What a Difference a Year Makes”

I just downloaded my pictures from Shep and then realised I had pictures from 2011 as well
and brought the two up side by side and thought what a difference a year makes.

Kristian, you kindly agreed to coach me one year ago, what can I say other than what a difference a year makes. A friend of mine had started getting coaching from you and I loved what he told me about your program. I was already entered in IM Melbourne and so only had a few months with you before this, but managed to get a PB of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

But my main goal was I wanted to desperately complete a half in under 6 hours. I entered  Shepparton 70.3 and in the few months leading up to this I hur t my shoulder skiing and couldn’t swim, then got hit by a car on my bike and couldn’t do anything, the injuries from this kept re-occurring making for a very interrupted training, I hurt my back 6 weeks out and couldn’t do anything for 2 weeks it was at this point I wanted to just pull out as I couldn’t stand another race where I finished over 6 hours, but Kristian convinced me to keep going, this was just another hurdle.

There were a number of other setbacks along the way, but to many others to mention. It seemed I was missing training session after training session, all the while Kristian convincing me I would get through the swim in the cut off, even though I had only managed 2kms twice in the lead up. Then came race day and I got my PB and went under 6 hours, I rode the bike in under 3 hours and I ran in under 2 hours, all things I’d never been able to do before Kristian.

Thanks Kristian for everything.



I love what I do and I thank you for allowing me to live out my passion.

If you want success in triathlon, health and life then sign up for coaching or grab one of my blueprints.



P.S. New TS training and racing kits will be available soon and they look killer.