Are you focusing on the whispers or the screams? And why is this really important?

I was listening to an audio on my way to and from the pool yesterday from one of my business coaches in the US. Bedros was discussing his life’s story and basically saying how anyone can make it when they want something bad enough and then take massive action and focus.

Bedros discussed something he calls whispers and screams which he talked about when we last met together as a group in San Diego in May. The context was in business, but it got me thinking that it is exactly the same thing in triathlon.

Now I’ll put the Bedros lesson into context of triathlon. Athletes love staying in their comfort zone and I believe they do so by focusing on lot of whispers. When he say’s whispers, it’s means your focusing on the whispers of attaining optimal performances and results.

Athletes spend enormous amounts of time going over data (which they don’t have a good grasp on), deliberating over which gps watch, helmet, bike, wheel set, bearing choice will make them faster and then spending enormous amounts of time reading about or discussing performance (theirs or others.. usually others) on forums etc.

Those are all things that whisper and those are all things that give you a false sense of security that they’ll significantly help your performances.

If we take a deep look into psychology here, I believe that people have a built in fear of success that forces them to focus on whispers.

You know what? All these things don’t really matter and they definitely do not matter when you haven’t truly focused on the things that scream. The things that scream when it comes to becoming the best triathlete you can be are showing up every day … that is showing up and doing the training day in day out with focus. Training easy when it says to and being able to push when your meant to. Removing the comfort blanket.

Then theres the looking after you body so it can handle the demands you place upon it. These screams are optimal nutrition and ensuring you get recovery nutrition in post session within 30 minutes of finishing. Hydrating adequately daily. Fuelling correctly during your long sessions so it becomes habitual and you’ll do it right in racing. Getting to bed early and ensuring at least 7 hours every night. And then there is making sure your muscle tissue is in good shape through self myofascial release and mobility drills.

It’s these screams that force you to win your performances but it’s also the screams that put you out of your comfort zone. These things that scream put you out of your comfort zone because each of them takes much more effort then focusing on the whispers but they make all the difference when it comes to performance.

Only when you have the screams dialled in and I mean dialled in will any of the whispers even come remotely close to helping performance.

Now roll up your sleeves and lets get uncomfortable.

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