There is no doubt that having a goal is important.

A goal drives you, it tests you to push your boundaries. It keeps you focused, on track and in control.

It becomes your purpose. The reason why you are here.

Yesterday, I was sitting here at TSHQ and Kristian (whilst sitting directly behind me) sent me a link to an incredibly motivating video – this is something that we do daily: share videos/ quotes etc of things that fire us up, get the focus back and remind us of why we are here.

Anyway this video is certainly your typical motivational clip: filled with quotes & catch phrases, fantastic audio and imagery – all the things that help stimulate your senses. But there was one phrase (of the many) that really really really struck me. I mean really.

“What is your WHY?”


I watched it 3 times through and every time that line was spoken, I got goosebumps.

“What is your WHY?”

“What’s your motive? What is important to you?”

This goes much much deeper than your standard goal questions like “what do you want to achieve” or  “how committed are you?”.

This is a seriously confronting and powerful question.

Confronting, because if you don not know the answer, or are not prepared to find the answer then you, my friend are in for a shock.

If you do not know WHY you do this, WHY it’s important, WHY you want it so bad, then you are not truly connected to your goal.

It makes you seriously ask yourself WHY this goal means so much to you..

It doesn’t matter what your answer is. Your is answer, your answer – as long as you have an answer or are ready to find the answer (this part is fun but takes some serious self-assessment).
This is so important because when things get tough – and they do – then knowing your WHY brings you back down from the clouds and connects you with precisely what is that is driving your purpose.

The WHY is what keeps you going, makes you push harder, dig deeper to get outside of that comfort zone. It is your purpose.

That purpose and intent is what directs the decisions you make – if you are connected to that desire. It is the thing that dictates how you eat, how you sleep, how you train and how you recover. Your purpose is what controls your environment. It empowers you to manage the stress and the training loads – it DRIVES you to be that desire.

This is so incredibly powerful.

Because it is that unbreakable connection to your goal, strengthened by your desire, that helps you laser your focus onto the tasks that you have to do to get you there.

These are the things that you can do TODAY. Right now. The thoughts and actions that take you to your goal (not away from it).

These are going to drive you. But only if you know WHY.

So naturally, as we were sitting there, the question was asked……

And the answer surprised me. I had to stop what I was doing and spend some time really concentrating on the truth of this.

Why? Why do I want to go to Kona? Why do I want the race that I know I am capable of? Why is this so important to me?

I highly recommend you ask yourself this question.

What’s powerful and important about this is it makes you really think about that why.

You want to get to Kona? WHY?

You want to bust that XX:XX barrier? WHY?

You want to win your Ager Group? WHY?

You have to know this. Because – and I will say it again: when you are thinking about pulling the pin, bailing on your session, slowing down, making bad choices…..that WHY is going to kick your arse back into the reality of what you are trying to do. It will remind you of everything that you need to do to get that goal.

It takes all the fear of the unknown, all the noise and hyperbole out of the equation, leaving just you and your desire.

In truth, the WHY underpins everything that is your goal. Without the WHY there is no goal. You aren’t going to break 10 hours if you don’t have that WHY driving your decisions each day.

So, ask yourself: “What is my WHY”.

The answer will determine everything that you do from here on.

Oh yeah and watch the video!

Coach Pete Lever