Circus, Night clubs, and a Whirlwind of Info

Talk about a crazy trip. One that I didn’t even know I’d be taking two months ago, but one I’m damn glad I made the commitment to be on. The whirlwind of information will change my life.

See I spent the weekend in Vegas at a business event. And, I can imagine the direction that your thoughts are heading. It’s easy to see why Vegas is the Sin City, plenty on offer if you’re up for that…

So I’m part of this mastermind coaching group comprised of fitness professionals looking to increase their business. What I learnt if applied will literally change my life.

Anyway, I was in Vegas to learn and not to party. I did get out to see “O” Cirque Du Soleil which had been on the bucket list for years. All I can say is wow. These performers have definitely refined their craft.

While my party days have been left behind for a healthy and structured family life. Going out was part of the awesome experience and an invaluable opportunity to network with people who are in business where I want to head.

We went to one of the premier clubs in Vegas, XS. Which is a table and bottle service. The first time in a long time that I have seen the night through. While I smartly held myself back from the tequila shots, I did drink some amazingly good but horribly expensive vodka.

I ended up bailing with a new friend Joe around 3am and headed back to the hotel where we got a bite to eat and discussed business. Joe who runs a super successful brick and mortar personal training business has some software that with some work can be a huge help to my business.

If I had bailed on heading out, this new friendship and business help may have never eventuated. It is commonly said, everything happens for a reason.

When you study high achievers, you find more similarities then not. Self- confidence is a common attribute to successful people.

Looking back in time at my pro snowboard career, I only got to that level with unstoppable belief and confidence (loosing that also destroyed my career). Then in triathlon, I had hired certified personal trainers in London and trained my ass off, I did things everyday that grew my belief that what I was doing was superior to everyone else.

I have no doubt that I’ll be toeing the line in Kona in 2012. I can just feel it.

Why do my athletes continue to get results that many others aspire to? …Because I believe my programs and coaching are superior to anything else that is out there.

You may think that is a little arrogant, but its not. It’s just confidence. If I didn’t continually develop this self- confidence my business and my own triathlon results would suffer. And my friends, this confidence rubs off onto my athletes.

How did Macca win Kona last year? His belief was so far superior than another athletes that day. Period.

Those with powerful self- confidence attract the things they want in life. The best part is, you have 100% control over how confident you’re and you can build that up.

Start now!