As you know, I love to read and actually had a mini coversation last night with my dad on that topic. He made a good point that I shouldn’t just read non fiction and that reading some good novels can be a great way to switch off.

Good advice on something I need to do more on and looking back over the $200+ dollars I’ve spent on books at amazon or book depositry of late there is no fiction in there.

So if anyone has has some recommendations on some good fictions reads let me know. I should still continue on with Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy!

Anyway back to your warm up and making it more effective. So I was recently going over some of Lydiard’s teachings.

If you don’t know about the great Arthur Lydiard check him out on wikipedia

As a side note it would seem that Lydiard’s philosophies are distinctly different than mine and that I would be more akin to that of Frank Horwills. That might be true for the most part but I aim to learn from the best of everybody.

Something to go more in depth at another time…

Back to warming up and it’s importance to get your bodies systems ready for what you’re about to ask of them.

Warming up is not given too much attention, but a lot is to be gained(read performance) from doing this correctly.

So we have aerobic and anaerobic metabolism and simply that aerobic metabolism produces in Lydiards words “innocent wastes, water, carbon dioxide; anaerobic metabolism produces lactic acid, which as it accumulates, progressively prevents muscles from contacting”.

Here’s the interesting thing and how this relates to warming up properly.

Even when you start off to swim, bike or run, you’ll likely be going anaerobically until your aerobic metabolism reacts by kicking in.

The problem is that most athletes neglect a proper warm up and go out too fast in training and in racing. This fails to fully prepare your aerobic system and will effectively makes you slow down when you should be able to push hard.

When it counts.. the back end!

Here’s how I like to warm up and what I find MOST effective.

1. Short self massage session using the TP Therapy Tools. This allows me to break up adhesion’s which results in freer range of motion and to force feed blood flow and oxygen into the muscles while opening the neurological feed to the muscles. This helps get my muscles ready for action.

Another huge benefit of this is that you allow your muscles to learn a more efficient and effective motor pattern.

2. Start the session stupidly EASY. There should be no goal times, paces, speeds in the warm up and if there is, it should be to go a slow as possible and progressively getting faster.

These two things WILL make you a better athlete.

Be Bold, Don’t Conform to the Status Quo.

To you Triathlon Success