Sometime ago I wrote a blog post that it wasn’t necessarily the outcome that we’re chasing, even though that the outcomes is the stated goal; but that it was actually the feelings asscoicated which the desired outcome that we’re really chasing.

There is a proven way that achieving those outcomes and feelings can come much quicker if you repeatedly practice- as Conrad Stoltzs says “one of the most important parts of sports performance”. Visualisation or otherwise know as mental imagery.

Ask any great sports person, speaker or high achiever and you’d be pretty much guaranteed that they use some form of mental imagery to manifest awesome performances.

Back in my snowboarding days, I would play video tapes of myself doing and landing the tricks or lines I was about to do. The clearer and flowing the videos in my mind where the higher the chances of success where. When the ‘tapes’ jammed and could’nt play out- I’d typically bomb the landing.

When I started using this for my Ironman training and racing- my performances took a major step up and I started placing well or winning my age group. Conrad discusses mental imageray and techniques at this blog post which gives you a pretty thorough explanation of how best to go about it. He went much further and visualised many ‘what-if’ scenarios and had back plans for those- this is leaving no stone unturned and probably why he is a multi Xterra World Champion and 2x Olympian.

I know I’ll be mentally preparing more deeply going forward and I recommend that you do to.

Here’s aother great resources that will help to that end.

New Psycho-Cybernetics – Book – Audio version

In Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr Maxwell Matlz teaches you how to develop what is the called the ‘theatre of your mind’ among other things that will change your life for the better.

Also if you can find it- Olympic Gold medalist Natalie Cooks book ‘Go Girl’ is exceptional. Very hard to find- you can find second hand on amazon or contact Natalie direct (it’s how I got my signed copy).