Wow, that is a big statement!

However by doing these two simple things you can effectively make important changes to ‘your’ world.

#1. Drink a HUGE glass of water the second you wake up in the morning.

This will help you wake up, I know its early and you might be having that inner battle to just roll over and get that session done later… but later doesn’t happen right! So sucking down a big glass of water will help you wake up and get up. So just do it. Your brain cells will open up, your organs will function properly and you’ll start to feel good. Without water your thinking will be sluggish, digestion will be impeded and your general fatigue will be greater and that’s only the start.

#2. Get to bed EARLY.

Sleep is like the last frontier of effective recovery and preparation for optimal quality training. Most of our body’s recovery occurs during sleep. More than just recovery, studies show that lack of sleep affects every other aspect of our life. That’s why it is important to get one of the best mattresses to sleep on. Sure some of you might not have a choice with little ones around, but turn off the idiot box and get as much as you can. The more pre-midnight hours you get the better recovery you receive.

There you have, short simple and if you apply its effective.