Goodbye 2010 and welcome to Twenty Eleven!

Every year we all go through the process of making resolutions for the New Year, but ultimately how many of these stick? Would it be much more effective if we just made some small changes to what we do daily to achieve the outcomes we desire to…

So how do we figure out the changes we need to make to really turn it up to 11′ in twenty eleven? First off it is a good idea to reflect on 2010 and ask yourself what the late Jim Rohn called “the tough questions.”

Here are a few you could ask yourself now if you haven’t got round to some personal planning:

What did I do really well this year?
What areas do I still need to work on or address?
In an ideal situation, what should I be doing more of?
In an ideal situation, what should I be doing less of?

With these answers in hand you can now critically evaluate where your are at and where you’d like to go. The reality is you’re exactly where you are in fitness, health, finances, relationships etc because of the choices and decisions you have made up to this point. If you’re not happy with an aspect of your life, then you have the control to make the changes necessary today so that tomorrow will be different.
I’ll cover things today from both a professional and personal perspective regarding myself. Like you I am a normal (debatable) human being with goals, aspirations and a desire to be better.

2010 was a pretty big year for us professionally and personally.

Professionally, both of our businesses (TriSpecific and Trigger Point Performance Australia) have seen some fantastic growth.

On the TriSpecific front and the things we did really well this year where achieving some fantastic results. On the big results we had five athletes go to Kona (4 of which won their respective age groups to get there) and then we had 3 podiums in Kona with one becoming overall amateur female World Champion. Josh Rix came on-board as a pro athlete and we were able to turn around his results and get some really fast 70.3 times on the board with a second in Steelhead 70.3 in 3:54 and then a second in Shepparton in 3:49. We had so many other personal bests and breakthroughs that make our coaching jobs just awesome.

We re-launched our site and launched the membership site and we put on another coach.

However there are many areas that we still need to work on, like more blogs and content both on the front end and the back end of the site. More articles in both online and print media and gaining more world wide exposure. I’m extremely passionate about the sport of triathlon and a driving goal of mine is to start undoing the myth that massive loads of volume is needed to perform well and that fit athletes live on the knife edge of a healthy or not immune system.

The goal for the first quarter of 2011 is to be a minimum of two blog posts per week on and new content on the membersite every other day.

With my TPTherapy business we saw some massive growth. We have been ticking it over since early 2007 and in 2010 we made big leaps and bounds. I spent a tonne of time traveling and doing expos or our ReGen Body Maintenance Clinics. Having Charlotte not racing in 2010 has been a huge help on the business front.

So while we did lots really well there this year, we missed the boat on many other areas. I need to spend more dedicated time to content development and delivery and get the TPTHERAPY.COM.AU site really humming along. We’re looking to bring in a couple of people so we can take more of the opportunities we have available to us.

We have some pretty big goals across both business in 2011 and will be working on the areas that are needed to be addressed to make these a reality. These are not wholesale changes but just little ones that will make big differences. In the ideal situation which is up to us to create is less time on email and more time locked into focusing on the areas of development each day. Setting up better systems for more efficient workflow.

On the personal front Charlotte and I got pregnant and are now only 41 days out from the due date! We both stopped racing in 2010 to focus more on the business and the goal to start a family. We built a house on the Sunshine Coast which is just awesome.

On the fitness or racing front there wasn’t much in 2010. There was the North Face 100 in May which unfortunately ended with a DNF after ‘running’ 34k with cramping quads and still having 50km to go. I learnt from that experience because I was prepared both mentally and physically for the challenge but I put too much on my shoulders (work, travel, stress) in the weeks leading up which created a ton of stress from various aspects and when you throw your body into an extreme endurance event with a compromised system your body will do things to stop you. Big learning as I experienced that with two important races.

After the NF100, I did the Gold Coast Half Marathon on very limited training and was able to run a 1:24 with a 3′ porta potty stop because I didn’t go pre race when needed too! Lesson learned, but still happy to run sub 4min/kms.

Finally at the end of the year I did the Xterra World Champs which was so much fun and I just wish we had Xterra racing in Australia. I wasn’t competitive there in 2010 but I’m signed up for 2011 and the aim is to podium. Not long after racing in Maui I did Shepparton Half Ironman which was my intro back into on-road triathlon since Kona in 2009. I pulled out a 4:13 personal best (we got awesome conditions) but it really showed me what could be done on extremely limited training.

For 2011 I have some pretty lofty goals. Obviously the biggest is becoming a parent for the first time. I’m so excited about that and I am aiming to have some awesome systems and workflows in place so I can spend as much quality time with bubs and mum as possible. This is why I choose a path of running my own show. So when we had a family I’d have time to spend with them.

I’ll be towing my foot back into Ironman racing with Ironman Australia being my first IM since October 2009. I’m really excited and training is now back on deck. Nothing huge but consistency is ruling the days. The goal here is to be competitive and get my ticket back to the big show so I can do the Kona/Maui double with a good friend from Canada.

Other than that there’s the work on being a great husband, parent, brother, son and friend and hopefully a role model for others.

There you have it… what are you going to achieve in 2011?