Balancing The Cost of Endurance Workouts

High volume, high intensity training is often seen as the best way to prepare for a triathlon, but it can come at a huge cost to your body and lifestyle and negatively impact performance in the long run. There are a number of ways you can modify your training in order to achieve a better result but training should be about more than just the result.

It’s about your long-term health, time spent with family and friends and enjoying the lifestyle that being a triathlete can afford you.
As age groupers we need to fit training in around family, work and other social commitments. It’s possible to juggle all of this and still perform at anexceptional level, but inappropriate training volumes can lead to suppressed immune systems, illness and injury and it’s simply not worth it, no matter what the clock says.

There’s no doubt volume has a place in our sport, especially for those competing over Iron distances, but how much we need is something I question every day as a coach. In the end it comes down to the athlete and their personal circumstances. I firmly believe less is more. This article looks at what happens to your body during aerobic endurance training and offers advice on how you can mitigate some of the negative effects.

You can download the full article here: Train Smarter