“If there was ever anything or anyone to be inspired by John Maclean is it. So stoked to see him walk again. Mind blowing and that sums up being #allergictoaverage ” (my facebook status last night)

Last week I wrote about using “visioning” to get your goals.

And last night we got to see that play out in reality.

But I’ll step back a little before I get to speaking about an inspirational story played on TV last night.

Back in May last year Dan MacPherson, Luke McKenzie, Pete and I were enjoying a little run on our local favourite loop in Noosa National park when we ran into Pete Jacobs, who turned around and joined us. Pete always has some fun things to discuss and especially when it comes to training and racing. Our discussions ended up on what many would think are ‘out there’ thought processes when it comes to training. Pete was discussing some work he’d done with trainer and ex Mr Universe Ken Ware – it was certainly ‘different’ and it made for interesting running conversation.

I’m always one for ‘new’ information and learning as the more we know the more we find out how little we know.

What perked our ears up was when Pete spoke about what Ken was doing with John Maclean.  Ken had him doing leg presses and other leg strength exercises. But how could this be? John is a paraplegic!

What was more interesting is that Ken believed he would get John walking again!

Mind blowing.

While I was down in Melbourne for Ironman I got to speak with Tiffany Loftus-Hills (ex Ed of Aust Triathlete) who is now working for John in his foundation JMF.com.au who spoke about his upcoming 60 minutes episode with him walking.

I was so excited to hear this and couldn’t wait to see it.

After watching the 60 minutes “No Limits” show last night, I can say that I went to sleep with a smile and a deeper knowing of just what is possible.

John Maclean has been known for the better part of his life as a wheelie. Confined to a wheel chair after being hit by a truck while on a training ride back in 1988 hasn’t stopped John from throwing everything at life. Being the first wheelie to finish the Hawaiian Ironman and also the first to swim the English Channel, representing Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games and much more.

And now his inspirational journey continues as he is not only learning to walk again but more!


It’s an amazing story. The doctor says that it’s not that his cord is regenerating but the way the neural synapses are firing and reprogramming the neural pathways to work again.  This I believe comes through force of will … thinking, believing and actioning to achieve a once thought impossible outcome. This is further strengthened when you have people who also buy into the belief and help it come about.

Our minds are so amazing if we develop them to be. Our thoughts can either destroy us or takes us to amazing heights and places.

Though developing our mindset is like swimming upstream.

It’s so easy to focus on the negatives of any situation versus looking at “what if it is possible”.

A garden can easily get overrun and overwhelmed if we let the weeds grow – this happens effortlessly.

And it takes so much effort to cultivate a beautiful stunning and rewarding garden.

Your mind is the same.

We can work hard on cultivating our thoughts, removing lack programming and creating amazing outcomes for ourselves and those around us or we can let the weeds grow, unconsciously- I might add and stay put spinning the wheels.

When it comes to training we can focus our thoughts intently to create the neural pathways that will develop us into the athlete we want to be. It’s a use it or lose it principle as we will prune those pathways we don’t use and strengthen the ones we do.

Intent focus strengthens the pathways and makes them more efficient. This could be called deliberate practice both in mind and the physical.

I saw a tweet by coach Joel Friel yesterday “The choice you make today create the athlete you are tomorrow”.

So true.

And your choices are your decisions.

So there is no doubt that John Maclean has visioned himself walking … even running again. It may have took the belief of someone like Ken to help make it REAL but what it shows is how powerful we are and what we are capable of.

We really don’t having any excuses not to create the best version of ourselves.

The question is what are you waiting for?

Coach Kristian


John Maclean Foundation: http://jmf.com.au/

60 minutes Episode:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RayMaSJIkiM&sns=tw&app=desktop

Ken Ware: http://kennethware.com/who-is-ken/