I just found this in my 2009 archives of muses I send to my One2One athletes. Enjoy.

We all have time goals, or result and qualification goals and these are great… but our focus on these goals is only a small part to attaining these objectives.

When we create behaviors that are congruent — key word: Congruent — with our stated goals, then our likelihood of achieving them is infinitely higher.

We all at times are going to wake up and not be highly motivated, no matter how positive your mindset may be. However creating the behavioral habit of ‘doing’ what needs to be done and being disciplined to your commitment to yourself is a major step, but the BIG advancement of that is Congruent Behavior.
You might be thinking congruent with what?

The key is becoming congruent with the behavior of people already achieving what you want to achieve. All that matters here when you peel away the layers is ‘what and how they do it’. If our behavior is incongruent to those already enjoying the successes we want, then all the motivation, visualization and positive thinking ain’t going to do jack!

The good news is, I can confirm your already one step closer… you have hired a great coaching service, something all the top people do! But if you become too busy or too lazy to practice (repeatedly) you can forget about making those objectives!

The time it takes for you to attain the results your after is related to how quickly you align your present behaviors with the behaviors of those already experiencing and achieving the results you want…

yep it can happen FAST!

There is another key to all this too… you NEED to be congruent with the goals themselves. Don’t sabotage your potential success with incongruent behavior. If the goal is a pb, a kona spot etc then think about all the behavioral traits you need to develop. Getting only 5 hours sleep a night is incongruent behavior, thinking you can eat any junk you like because your in training, incongruent. Changing the plan consistently, incongruent.

Don’t bullshit to yourself, there is nothing worse you can do! The quicker you rearrange your behaviors to be congruent with the goal, the quicker you get the goal… and if those behaviors emulate those already achieving your goals, it is an absolute certainty your goals will come and faster then ever imagined.

Note: All of you already have behavioral congruency as you’re all successful in something. So it’s putting those behavior traits into your triathlon/health endeavors. What behavior goals do you need to develop for your triathlon related goals?