So we get home from our road tripping to Port Macquarie and back with little nine week old Mack (he was a champion traveler I must say) and there we a have a full letter box. The usual suspects taking up space (bills etc) but also a nice big brown padded bag A4 size. I don’t know about you but it’s always exciting getting packages in the mail.

I opened it up and its an advanced copy of a yet to be named book by Frank Kern a guru in marketing.

You might be thinking, what the hell does this have to do with Triathlon.. bear with me because the first few pages and the title of this blog (by the way its from the song “Deal” by the Grateful Dead) have everything to do with getting the results you dream about.

Frank discusses that it DOES take a lot to win. That we have to continually stretch way outside our self imposed comfort zones. He says that we have to take RISKS and that we will almost always fail in some way or another during the process.

Failures can teach us so much on how to succeed if only we stop and listen, reflect and make the necessary changes.

Hell yeah it takes a lot to win.

During your triathlon journey (we could even say life) you’re going to get severley frustrated, confused, stuck and downrigth discouraged at times. In Ironman you invest so much (money, time, sweat, tears and sometimes even a little blood) and come race day you might fall flat.

and as Frank says “that blows. But it’s life. It’s the way things work. You have to get up, dust off, and get your ass back in the game.”

Frank believes it costs 1,000 times more to lose than it does to win. It’s always going to be tough when the cards are stacked up against you, when life goes south and you’re tempted to throw in that towel.

If you throw in the towel will your life be any better than it is now, what about in five years time if you don’t tough it out, dust yourself off and get back in the game. It’s very hard to look yourself in the mirror and see someone that quits.

Think about it. Where will you be? Will your ‘circumstances’ be the same. Could you even go BACKWARDS?

See Frank made a mistake and got sued by the FTC, he hit rock bottom and at worst was publicily humiliated. Now hopefully most of us won’t get humiliated but we will at times get ridiculed by those conforming to the status quo, which will make you question what your doing, you’ll even have moments of being scared shitless and having to push through that mega uncomfortableness to get where we want will be really freaking hard.

Now being a faster athlete or a Kona qualifier doesn’t automatically make you a better person. But the absolute self belief that you’ll developed when you keep getting back up no matter how hard life hits will make a profound impact on your life. Think about that.

It’s so much easier to cruise instead of pushing boundries but at what cost? The better you want to be the harder it gets. It will be hard to ignore the critics. So yeah.

It’s takes a hell of a lot to win this game.

and as Frank says “if you think about it, you have no choice but to win. The cost of loosing is almost immeasurable. The cost of loosing is a life unfulfilled. The cost of loosing is being trapped into the same/same results. The cost of loosing is looking in the mirror at yourself saying “I’m not good enough, I just keep letting myself down becuase I’m too scared to change.”

So there is a choice. The red pill or the blue, Will you live as a tiger or a lamb?

If you got knocked down last weekend at Ironman Australia and fell short of those lofty goals. We both know what the answer to the question above should be… Don’t we?

Go on, get back in the game and lets kick some ass.