There’s just a little something about this clip that resonates with me. It’s so true and it happens again and again and makes sport so bloody interesting.  In 11 days time at Ironman Australia not all the favourites will win.

“Not matter what, when the race is on all bets are off”

– There will be athletes that will not defer to those that may indeed have the runs on the board, or are stronger and as the clip above says “don’t be surprised when someone decides to flip the script and take a pass on yelling uncle… and suddenly as the old saying goes we have ourselves a game”.


I love emotion and this shot of me wining my age group at Ironman WA still sends shivers down my spine. I’d love everyone in life to experience that feeling… You don’t have to win to get it, I got it the year before when I was 5th but implement an amazing day but I recommend you go search for that feeling.

and I’ll ‘steal’ a line from my friend’s blog…

The limits only exists in your mind