It’s always there.

It can be a friend or foe… but for every one at some stage it is our biggest saboteur.

The incessant voice that tells you your not strong enough, fast enough, good enough or whatever that makes you succumb and not achieve your greatest successes or goals.

It’s the voice that loves the status quo. It loves mediocrity.

It’s the voice that chokes you (when it counts the most)

And it resides in each and every one of us.

In that we’re the same.

There is a war to be made. It needs to be waged against this voice.

If you stop and listen .. you’ll find it chatting non stop – no matter the activity.

You know you should be doing some important job .. but there it goes telling you to just cruise, relax and check your twitter feed. Bang its got you in its death grip.

You’re into your eleventh of one minute intervals and it says, come on – relax a little, back it off, it won’t hurt.

It’s there when you wake up – are you have worked hard, you’re tired, sleep in, take the day off.

Eat the cookie – there’s no harm in that.. look at the training you have done… relax.

Well, we need to tell the voice to piss off.

“No, screw you, not this time. This time, I’m having it my way and i’m going into the depths of uncomfortableness.”

Next time that little voice perks it’s sabotaging voice up. Tell it to go forth, lean into the uncomfortableness off the situation.

Keep leaning … it’s the only way to quiet the voice.

P.S. And be prepared … the voice will perk up in your race. Multiple times … be alert and be ready to conquer it.