Terms and Conditions
The following are the Terms & Conditions for TriSpecific coaching programs. These come into effect with the start of a coaching relationship with TriSpecific.

What you’re signing up for:

TriSpecific Ongoing Online Monthly Coaching

 TS Coaching Investment

When you decide to enter into a TriSpecific Coaching program, you are investing into yourself and also to put your energies into your training and following the TS Coach advice and instructions. This commitment means you’re engaged to follow your training plans to the best of your abilities.

The commitment is two ways. Our coaches commit to you and your goals and are accountable to what we provide you in terms of advice and training plans but we are not accountable for race performances by athletes who do not follow our advice or program contents and guidelines. We provide feedback via email, phone/Skype (must be scheduled), and via the TrainingPeaks platform to all our coached athletes to ensure accountability and any negative impacts from disruptions to training are kept to a minimum.

You can expect training plan updates/progressions but these won’t always be each month or four weeks. All progressions and changes are based upon feedback, monitoring feedback/data provided in your Training Peaks account and your coaches experience and best judgement for your situation as the athlete in question.

Payment & Contract Terms

Ongoing Monthly Online Coaching

We look forward to working with you and showing you what’s possible.