Yesterday I started to expand on an approach of training that will take your performances to another level, even
to levels you may have previously thought impossible.

 “If you’re not willing to sacrifice your comfort, you don’t have what it takes” – Grant Cardone

There’s a myth out there amongst the performance development crowd on how quickly adaptation takes and
has given a major rise into athletes thinking that there sessions need to change every week.

This is utter bullshit. Yes you will adapt but it takes much longer than people realise.

I’ve been talking about motor skills development and essentially reprogramming motor patterns that are
“hard wired” into us.

If you haven’t tried yet or counted how many times your foot hits the ground per minute, you should.

——- Massive Performance Tip ———-

Your stride rate is arguably one of the most important aspects of your run to develop.

If you have tried to get each foot to hit the ground around 96 steps per foot per minute then you have probably found it:

A) pretty damn challenging

B) you need to significantly increase your pace to do so.

Yesterday I mentioned that a specific run off the bike session that took both Charlottes and my run performances to
another level.

This session hurt, and to be honest we didn’t only focus on stride rate on one singular session off the bike. Every run,
we focused on the development of this said skill.

It took the better part of 6 months before we could run at the mid nineties per foot per minute and across all intuitive
intensity levels. Six months of the same sessions and we were still improving.


Performance doesn’t have time for people who get bored easily.

I’m sorry if this comes as a shock to you.

I can tell you, riding along the Queen K in Kona is not as exciting as it is made out to be on espn.

It takes work to overcome set motor patterns.

Work well worth doing if setting personal bests or qualifying for Kona is high on your list.

Repetition is the pathway to developing optimal motor patterns for the specifics of swimbikerun
(deliberately grouped together).

The late and great triathlon mind of Mark Becker drilled this one comment into me:

“form under duress”

Smart dude… who’s teachings made a helluva impact on my coaching.

Said another way…

Good form or technique is only as good as your ability to hold it at ever increasing levels of fatigue
or aerobic intensity.

Let that soak in… it’s important.

It is why starting out your long sessions EASY and not pseudo easy is SO important.

When specific tools and focused instructions are given we can encourage better form whilst fatigued.

It’s the backend of sessions that count, this doesn’t make for fancy training sessions – just ones that work.

This is where we can overcome set motor patterns and where your results will be astounding.

It takes time and it takes becoming used to being outside your self imposed comfort zone.

Having the ‘need’ for sessions to change over and over is being in your comfort zone.

Stepping outside your CZ isn’t so bad.

I have a major mission in helping out as many triathletes as possible to be able to overcome their fears and get the
best results possible with less volume and better health and I’m having to step well out of my CZ to do that.

So I have a favour… I’m going to start a Friday Q&A session where each week I choose some of the questions I get
emailed and answer them for everyone collectively.

Simply email me at kristian [at]

Send your most pressing questions, also tell me what it is you want to achieve and as importantly WHAT your
biggest fear or fears i.e. roadblocks that are preventing you from getting the end result you’re after?

Kristian “dispelling some myths” Manietta

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