Do you really want to know how success works? Well for starters it’s an everyday thing.

Look at those people you know who are successful, no matter the field they play in. I’d place good money that they’re a success because they work incredibly hard at what they do.

Successful triathletes are successful because they have worked incredible hard at those things that scream and only when they have that at such a level do they even start to think of the things that whisper.

This is how success works.

The things you want to achieve comes with a price. Want to get to Kona… there’s a price. Sub 10 .. price to pay.

If you’re unwilling to pay the price, then you can except failure or subpar performances but you shouldn’t begrudge those that do.

When you understand that any goal worth chasing or achieving is going to be hard. Once you truly understand that it’s going to take 10x the effort, 10x the time in some cases it actually becomes ‘easier’ to swallow. you understand the commitment required. Only then can you move forward.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Plenty of people have already succeeded in the pursuit you want to succeed in. Look for them, find their blueprints, pay to play and you’ll find these road maps you can just follow everywhere. You just have to look – shut down the noise, listen, believe and apply.

Getting to Kona for me was damn hard. Charlotte got a spot on her first Ironman in 2003. I qualified in 2007 but only after I truly decided to pursue that goal. Once I did that the path wasn’t easy but it was simple. But I did it, mainly by showing up daily and believing that I would be one of those athletes in the water at Dig Me Beach about to race.

If I did it… you can too. 11:27 was my first Ironman time. My PB is 8:57. Did I ever think at 11:27 I would do a sub9 Ironman time. No. I did believe that I should be able to go sub10. But I had to be humbled first, make all the mistakes and learn from them.

Eventually I put process goals to work and achieved my goal of going under 10hours and because the goal of Kona burned so deeply in me, I found myself on a whole new level. This is available to you too. If you don’t have what you want, then you have to pay the price. Don’t fall into the tall poppy syndrome so common in today’s world and begrudge the success of others. Success does leave clues and if you do what they do. It will work for you like it has worked for them.

An advisor of mine just wrote a little bit about Michael Phelps which I’ll shear below. It sums the price of success up nicely.

“The only percentage that is important is what percentage of days you train each year. If you train three times per week, that’s 43% of total days. If you train seven days per week you’re at 100%. If you train twice a day, seven days per week, even better.”

(The above are ‘words of wisdom’ come from American weightlifting coach John Broz.)

A PRIME example of this is Michael Phelps – who trained at least once per day for 5 years STRAIGHT leading up to the Beijing Olympic Games. How many extra workouts does that equal that Phelps did more than his rivals??I can tell you from my own experience as a swimmer that, as far as I am aware, no-one else was training 7 days per week, so that’s at least 250 workouts Michael Phelps did that his competitors didn’t over the 5 years.

Genetics and talent aside, he deserves everything he got because of this AMAZING work ethic and dedication.

We all have goals, which if we approach with the same mentality as Phelps, how can we not succeed in some way, shape or form.?Enough said.

Let me finish with this, as my dad always says:

“Train Harder…”

And I’ll add Train hard but Train Smarter!