being able to see the goals you set for yourself.

I believe I wrote an article in Australian Triathlete where I mentioned this, but I was having a look around on an old hard drive and came upon some crackers of past photos….

I’ll share some of those another time on my TriSpecific  and personal Facebook pages.

But I came across two images and this IS something every athlete should do.

I wrote the below on the whiteboard some time out from Ironman Australia in 2004. It was what I truly believed Charlotte could do at that time.

As a side … Charlotte didn’t when I first put it up. But she didn’t make me pull it down either.

What CP Can Do

See in late 2002 we started the sport of triathlon. In December 2002 we ‘raced’ our first half Ironman (now 70.3) on the brutal course down in Canberra and we qualified to do Ironman Australia the following April.

Yes, back then you actually had to do a half ironman and qualify to race the full ironman. Personally I think that is a good thing. Now don’t get me wrong.. our times were not flash for our age groups. I think I did 5:19 (blew up colossally on the bike as a 25 year old full of ego… Actually I think I cried twice that day) and Charlotte did 5:19 but somehow we had made the cut.

Well Charlotte went on to have a stellar day at Ironman Australia in Forster that April and came second in her age group with a 10:26. That gave us a dilemma. She qualified for this place called Kona. I knew what Kona was after seeing Welchy win in 94′ on the wide world of sports coverage… Charlotte had no idea.

Everyone was saying you have to do it. I was all for it, the only thing was that our wedding was the weekend after. When all the parents said no.. I knew going was the right thing to do 😉

Charlotte races Kona and comes 6th in her AG in 10:39. Not to shabby for her second IM and in Kona.

Back to training with the goal of doing Ironman Australia again. That is when I put up the whiteboard with what I believed Charlotte could do.

Nearly 35 minutes faster and breaking that magical 10 hour barrier. At first she thought I had lost my marbles. Then as she actioned her training to the letter but I had planted that all important seed.

See the germination period was the taking action on the training but IMPORTANTLY seeing the written goal everyday. Then all of a sudden she gets an inkling that maybe… just maybe SHE COULD DO IT and this small inkling grows and grows until she BELIEVES it is actually possible.

Belief is a POWERFUL thing and we can all achieve so much more than we first may think.  Get the book “The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol

If you look at the first image you may be wondering what the run time means that I have there. That was a little process goal. See our first coach John Hill has this 6k loop in Centennial Park that we’d do for our long run. those were the 6k splits to hit the goal IM mara split.

Well lets have a look at what Charlotte did do below….

What CP Did Do

I was 28 seconds off here number 2 time that I originally thought was possible. Can you say scary? I see things.. no not really.

Amazing… Charlotte went on to a pro career and won a number of Half Ironmans and won 2 Ironmans outright. A personal best of 9:00:50 at Ironman Busselton the year she won and a win at Ironman China where Macca said it was like a war field out there (50 degree celcius temps) .. Charlotte ran the fastest run of the day (male and female) and was 5th overall!

So dream big… make YOUR goals big hairy and audacious then get to work actioning them both in the physical and in the mental. Both are just as important.

So write them down. In as many places you can. See it, live it and breathe it and share them with people who believe in you. I believe in you.

and as the Ironman catch cry says … Anything is Possible.

Kristian “showing you the possibilities” Manietta