Is that what you’re looking for?

Come on, who hasn’t been sold into an idea, product, system that promises the world?

I have, you have, everyone has.

Marketing works and it works when it pulls our heart strings and when it does … look out.

Who doesn’t want to go faster, be leaner, stronger, sexier?

This is what sells day in and day out.

Here’s a question.

Your last triathlon gadgetry  or nutrition purchase. Did it live up to it’s stated benefits? Were you significantly faster?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say … not likely.

Now it’s not that those benefits can’t happen, but most of the time you need to be in a position to leverage the product to its potential. Most athletes arent there yet.

Many pieces of the puzzle need to be in place to get a synergistic effect.

But I’ll say this.

If it makes you feel good and I mean feel good after the initial purchase high wears off. Then that is positive and will help to a certain degree.

I’m penning my first book. Well at the moment it’s a jumbeld mess of ideas, thoughts and introspection of what has worked and what has not when it comes to realising your goals.

More specific, when it comes to realising your Ironman / 70.3 triathlon goals but there is immense cross over into this thing called your life. So it’s a win/win. Better results and better life.

Some of the things I talk about in the book come from my time as a pro snowboarder and how that helped my traithlon results and coaching business.

But is there a magic bullet? Is there something legal I can take, do, buy that will catapault me towards my dream goals?

Yes, and…

It’s legal.

It’s simple yet not easy.

It’s free.

And it works every time. However the sum is greater then its parts. If you have ‘it’ in one part but not the others.

Well you might get some success, but you’ll have a govenor on your ultimate performance.

This magic bullet can also work against you too. In fact when it’s used in this negative way like many age group athletes do. Well it leads to your undoing.

You’ll need to do some reflection on where you maybe coming up short. Then work on this ‘magic bullet’ so that you keep developing your ‘sum’.

What is this magic bullet I’ve been holding out on?

It’s consistency.

Pure and simple consistency.

That is the magic bullet.

Training for a race for 12 weeks then taking a few months off to ‘recover’ and then training for 12 weeks for the next big race is not consistent and will lead to hap hazard results and disappointment.

Give me year round consistency on a properly structured plan for your life circumstances that is at appropriate volumes over specific times of the year and you’ll blow the doors off what you think you’re capable of.

But it’s more then that. It’s consistently fueling your body with good foods that don’t hurt you. I’m seeing more and more people diagnosed with celiacs, with hasimotos disease and many others. All of us athletes, not just sedentary people and I’m questioning why? (big article coming)

I had an interesting skype call this morning with a very smart dude whom is helping me on my experiment (podcast coming)- there are many pieces to the puzzle and one of the majors is intestinal health.  He made a comment that he believes that if us endurance athletes keep on consuming the highly refined carbs and sugars, then at some stage (even though we look the part) will end up being insulin resistant due to continual barrage we do on our hormonal system.

This could be where consistency is killing our health not to mention performances.

The way we have been fueling our body is not our fauly entirely. We have been led to believe that we NEED these excessive carbs to fuel our bodies. There is now overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

It’s pretty simple.

If were consistently training.


Now the type of training does matter. Consistently doing high volumes will end up killing your performances. There is a time and place but it’s not all the time.

Same goes for consitently not doing enough.

Consitently missing sessions, consistently going through the motions versus consistently being there and going all in.

See the differences.

Consistently doing self massage or mobility versus consistently missing it.

Consistently being dehydrated and then pushing a body in this state.

I could go on and on.

The Magic Bullet is CONSISTENCY.

Consistency in following a well laid out plan. Consistently getting 7-8 hours sleep. Consistently eating REAL foods (removing gluten, and much of the refined crap out of your diet). Consistently doing Resets, self massage, mobility. Consistently be hydrated and getting in enough electrolytes. Consistently working on your mindset and attitude. Consistently showing up. Consistently BELIEVING IN YOURSELF,

Theres your magic bullet.

There is no free lunch.

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