This is where life is lived.

And it was a liberating lesson during Cent Cols Challenge

The lesson was the right here and now.

There was no point worrying about the past or about the next climb, the next hour, nor where we were going.

None of that mattered.

All that was real was the moment right in front of you.

These are the moments we don’t want to miss … becuase that is where you life is.

Unfortunately we typically miss them.

All day long our minds are chattering away.

It’s non stop.

There’s no peace.

Too busy ‘time traveling’ – that is worrying about the past and thinking/worrying about the future.

This stops us living in the present moment and feeling what’s like to be fully alive.

The regrets, the mistakes, the failures of the past typically aren’t terminal.

These should just serve us as great lessons. They’re only problematic when we knowingly make the them over and over.

That is called self sabotauge.

Sure, if you died from one of those mistakes .. then it would be terminal… It’s unfortuntae that death would likely be our biggest lesson that we couldn’t learn from.

That brings me to a good point.

We should connect to our own mortality and stop living in the ‘it will never happen to me headspace’. We waste so much time.

Thinking about death isn’t a bad thing. Why should we hide from the fact that we will die? Thinking about dying is life affiming.

In Robin Sharmas book “The Saint, The Sufer, and The CEO” he brings this point home.

“It’s only when we deeply and emotionally connect to the fact that our lives are short and our hours are limited that we can fully live, and give every bit of ourselves to our waking moments”.

Momento mori

How many of us deny our passions and postpone our dreams?

Life is a gift and we waste it by worrying about things that never happen.

Sure it’s good to put some plans and thoughts into your future. But if we’re continually stuck thinking, thinking, thinking about it .. we miss the here and now.

We lose the gift of being present and doing the things in the moment that lead us to our dreams and desires.

Think about it.

How many athletes worry about the results at an upcoming race?

Stop worrying about what the result may be and focus on being present in your training. Not going through the motions but being in the moment, going all in.

This is what matters and this is what ultimately brings you the results you’re after.

Take stock, take ownership, no excuses, be in the now.

That is where a real fulfilling life is lived.