On of the biggest race day mistakes you can make is not having a warm up.

Many athletes wrongly think that because it’s going to be a long day (Ironman) or even semi long day (Half Ironman/70.3) that a warm up is not necessary as you’ll warm up in the swim.

That is fine if you want to hurt your performance which I’ll get to below.

The other reasons for missing a warm up prior to racing is lack of planning. You run out of time and rushing around like a headless chicken because you don’t get to T1 early enough or whats commonly happening is that race directors are not allowing swim warm ups (highly dangerous).

With proper planing and a warm up plan you can ensure that all your bodies systems are ready to fire once that gun goes.

And if you’re RACING, then you’re sure as hell going to need to have all systems ready.

Here’s a basic race day plan for you;

1. Get to T1 early. This means less queues for body marking, setting up and then waiting inline for the porta potty’s. It also means that if some goes wrong … like what I did one year squeezing my race fuel into a jet stream and the lid blew off leaving a sitcky mess all over the front of my bike .. meant I had time to clean it up and for Charlotte to run back and make up some more race nutrition for me.

2. Get in and out of T1 as quickly as you can. Have a plan and a system to follow. Mentally tick it off and get the hell outta there.

3. This is where I recommend going for a very easy warm up jog. This is just to get the blood and oxygen flowing and get a slight sweat on. Now, the more FAT adapted you’re the easier and longer you should warm up. This serves to prime your muscles with oxygen so they can metabolise aerobically.

How long? 15 minutes of EASY jogging should suffice …

4. Once done with your jog warm up, do your last ‘pit stop’ and continue to get your head into race.

5. Get suited up if it’s a wetsuit swim. If you’re ever at a race and the Blue Seventy folks are about (Aqua shop) then get them to help put your suit on … makes one helluva difference to have your wetsuit on right. Now shoulder restriction.

6. Warm up for the swim. Ok, this is getting seemingly harder with race directors not allowing this which I think is both stupid and dangerous. Anyway … if oyu can get in the water you want to do a thorough swim warm up. If you’re worried about this making you tired for the race … umm you haven’t prepared enough!

Some rules. The shorter the race the longer and deeper the warm up needs to be. For 70.3 and Ironman you want a good 10 minutes at least of swimming. Again starting very easy to get the blood/oxygen flow and assist with Fat mobilization (you may have killed that with another common mistake) and then moving on to some short sharp race start efforts with longer easy swimming between.

If for some stupid reason, there is no swim warm up allowed. Make sure you have packed some swim cords and use those to warm up with.

Ok, of course there are a multitude of other things, like should you eat before the start and if so when and what that you need to take but those are for my coached athletes and those using the TS Blueprints.

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