I look back to 2006/07 when I desperately wanted to qualify for Kona.

Come hell or high water, I just had to be there and I don’t think anything would have stopped me from attaining that goal. So lately I’ve been thinking how I went about attaining that outcome.

How it led me to become a multiple sub9 athlete (not such a bad added outcome, especially as my first IM was 11:27).

It all came down to a mindset thing and as I was thinking about this, I just so happened to receive an email from a guy I’m learning from how to write better.

He was discussing a Steve McQueen flick about a young guy who’s parents are brutally murdered by some bandits and who then decides to go after the killers on his own.

This guy knows what he wants: Revenge.

And, he also will do what ever it takes to get the revenge.

When I got the Kona goal and when Charlotte won her first Ironman at IM WA it took dedication, but it took more than that.

Supposedly there’s a line in the movie… “He’s not a killer… he’s an EXECUTIONER!”

And that was the point of the email. If I want to do this stuff better, then I need to be the executioner.

That is the mindset and belief you need to get to the Big Island. It’s what got me there.

See a killer, know’s what he wants and will pursue that goal, but an executioner will do it ruthlessly and won’t stop till the job is done.

I know a lot of killers in triathlon.

Which are you?

Do you consistently show up, do your planned sessions, go ALL IN or do you have a plethora of excuses at hand and half ass it hoping it will happen?

Do you give up easily because you went gave it everything but it didn’t happen at the one shot you gave yourself?

Do you do the needed and beneficial recovery methods or give yourself a ‘break’ because you’re tired and then complain that your injured?

Are you wanting instant gratification on improvements and results or are you patiently doing the work?

You have to have the executioner attitude.

You can’t give up when the going gets tough. It will get tough.

You have to be systematic and unrelenting in this pursuit.

Ok I think you get the point.

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Otherwise follow this system¬†http://ultimateironmanblueprints.com/ If you use it with an executioner mindset you’ll go far.

Kristian Manietta