Achieving the performances you want is a pretty ‘simple’ equation.

You need to train, eat, recover repeat and believe!

Simple eh…

The problem however is the amount of crap education out there that is keeping us from our potential.

And when we’re looking at equations 80% comes down to nutrition.

Nutrition is the foundation of being at the correct weight, having more energy
and living a longer healthier life.

Better nutrition leads to better quality tissues, which means better performance and less soreness and stiffness.
So your TP Therapy Tools won’t hurt so much when doing your self massage sessions.

Yes, consistently hitting your training sessions is critical for your strength, speed and endurance, but guess what

You cannot out train a shitty diet.

You know the saying… If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish
you change his life!

The fact is there is SO much conflicting thoughts about diet and who the hell needs another diet.
As endurance athletes we’re still told to get most of our energy from processed carbohydrates.

Got pain? Can’t get rid of those injuries? Getting pretty lean as Ironman is around the corner BUT
for some reason you still have a little pouch..

That is inflammation caused by diet.

So you don;t need another diet. You just need to be informed about how food and your body

Here’s some truths about nutrition:

There are certain facts that most health care professionals and nutritionist agree in.
Once you become aware of these facts, you can then make intelligent decisions
about and particular diet.

No diet will ever fix any problems you may have unless you change habits
and have a solid understanding of what food does to you.

Food is a drug.

Reread that. It’s important to understand.

When you have a thorough understanding of this you become
in control.

After all, look at the Ironman field and the amount of training done.
We should all be lean mean fighting machines with strong immune systems.

But sadly many are not.

Now, what if you had an understanding of nutrition that gave you the secrets to better performance
health and could have all your frustrating and confusing nutrition questions answered.

What if you didn’t have to spend hours searching the web, reading books and magazines in the hope of
finding these answers.

Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Now, you can become the resource that will help you achieve your ultimate health goals.
You’ll have knowledge.

We just cannot continue down the same path that has led to our population being overweight and sick.
Being triathletes does not make us immune to this. You might not be overweight, but how often are you getting sick.
What is your immune system like? Are you consistently deal with little niggles?

This is diet.

Want to change?

In order to really take your health and performance to the next level. The buck stops with you.
You can only rely on you.

What needs to happen is for you to learn the fundamentals of nutrition. Once you learn
and understand how the body interacts with food, you’ll be able to make healthier and wiser choices.

That will lead to increased performance.

Super Nutrition Academy is the only online nutrition course that solves this problem. In as little as 1 hour of learning
per week, you can finally get the answers to your health and nutrition question in a “no B.S.”, science-backed, and
easy to understand format.

There is nothing like Super Nutrition Academy and that’s exactly why it was created – to empower the individual to
become their own “health master” so they can finally be in control of their health!