You may or may not know that back in July after months of dealing with excess fatigue (for no ‘reason’), insane muscle soreness after 30min easy runs, brain fog and my stomach in a complete mess (envision what it would feel like to pour acid down your throat and add in nausea to the mix and you’re close) that I finally found the true cause after thinking it was just some sort of parasite.

I was diagnosed through a endoscopy with villus atrophy (a flattening of the villi within the small intestine) which is what happens to those with celiacs disease.

A genetic test confirmed that I do indeed have one the the celiac genes HLA-DQ8.

I walked out of the doctors living on a 80-90% gluten free diet to an instant 110% gluten free diet. The 10% is dealing with potential cross contamination. I will write and speak more about this and how it has impacted on training … I did just complete the Cent Cols Challenge in the Dolomites where I rode 88hrs in 10 days, climbing 52km of vertical and managed to finish in the front group each day without using sports nutrition or consuming any of the normal gluten filled products the majority of athletes use. (Recap on CCC coming tomorrow, including epic photos).

This second podcast with Steph Lowe of The Natural Nutritionist was recorded just after I found out about being a celiac – but we don’t go into that so much as going into how to get on the path to becoming a gluten free athlete and why it is beneficial.

Enjoy the podcast as per usual there is loads of great and useable information that will not only make you healthier but help your triathlon performances.

This is great timing now as Steph is just about to release her awesome first ebook “Free From Gluten”

FFG is a seven-week path to gluten free living and includes over 70 pages of education, practical advice and whole food based recipes. IQG is about eating better, living well and fuelling your body as nature intended. – See more at: