And that’s a wrap!

The Triathlon World Summit has been an awesome experience for us. It was a challenge, that is for sure. And there was A LOT of hustle. As with most unique and exciting things however, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices; late nights, 4am starts and ridiculous levels of caffeine (yes even for me).

The end result was that triathletes were able to learn insights from each speaker in a way that hasn’t really been done before. The best thing to come from all of that?


From the very first interview, we knew that this was going to be an immense amount of education for every single listener. Sure maybe people hadn’t heard of one or two, or even didn’t particularly like a Guest Speaker, but the resounding feedback that we have received is that people have gained so much from the availability of 25 fantastic minds.

That is awesome.

No one should ever approach anything with assumption that – regardless of their experience, success or education that they know IT ALL. We don’t. And especially not in a sport that is so young, and evolving at the pace that triathlon is. I can’t remember where I read this quote but to makes complete sense:

“If you walk into a room thinking you are the smartest one there, then you are in the wrong room.”

Take from that what you will, but the essence of this is that we are designed to learn. We don’t simply reach a point where we have absorbed all that there is to know about a particular thing. It is human behaviour (and deep hardwiring) to continually seek answers, to absorb and apply (and challenge) as much knowledge as we can, for as long as we can.

The key word right there is, apply.

Knowledge is power – yes indeed it is.

But knowledge without application is almost as useless as a finely tuned race bike that only gets ridden to the coffee shop shop a weekend; a sincere waste of purpose-driven resources.

So if you were involved in the Summit, and you learned some new things, or maybe just reinforced things that you were already familiar with…..what have you done about it?

Have you take that knowledge and applied it to your life? For every day that knowledge sits by unused, your connection to that knowledge weakens. Meaning that the more you sit at the desk thinking, “Yes, I will start that tomorrow”, or “next week” or (my favourite pet hate) “in the new year”, the more time goes by that you haven’t spent on actioning your newly acquired knowledge.

When we learn something that resonates with us, and we take immediate action, we become empowered. That is how we are designed. To learn and apply. We aren’t designed to procrastinate, over think and delay the applications of knowledge.

NOTE: If you are a chronic procrastinator, read this. Now. Then apply. Now.

We understand that there is abundance of readily available ‘information’ out there to triathletes, and that things can become confusing – especially if you are just starting out. But as a learning machine, you have to get good at separating what is relevant to you and what is not (and what is fact and what is fiction). What applies to each person is indviviual, and requires each person to understand the relevance of that information as it pertains to themselves and what they want to achieve.

As mentioned several times throughout the Summit, when you decide to follow a path of succinct and relevant information, you have to be prepared to do just that…follow. But into it. Stay with it and learn.

Jumping from one thing to then next, denies you any full comprehension of what it is you are trying to learn.

Learning takes time. Progress takes time.

You owe it to yourself to invest in that time, to absorb the knowledge and action it immediately.

Learning is continual – surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire you to understand your athletic potential and ability. Find people that challenge your willingness to learn and apply.

Coach Pete