I think it’s quite obvious of my goal here at TriSpecific… well I hope it is! My goal, well one of them is to make your triathlon experience a success. Success is just not attaining a certain goal time, place or even qualification. Success is way more than that. I believe it’s the whole enchilada!

Ticking off goals is great and it definitely keeps us motivated, but we also must make sure that this little thing we call triathlon only adds to out life experience and not detract. That means we lead a lifestyle that is fundamentally healthy both physically and mentally, allows us to be able to have time to give to our families, social and work responsibilities not to mention a whole lot of fun too.

We should be passionate about that end… I know I’m passionate about providing you with great content, resources and training plans that will allow the above.

So to help make this journey a success, I wanted to discuss the 4C’s and how they will help you get the most out of the information contained in this members area.

No training approach is ever going to be effective without commitment. Over the years I have done the leg work to be able to provide plans, information and resources that will not only keep you healthy but will see you performing at your best.

What you need to do to help ensure this success is to buy into the information I provide. You already have by being a member but it’s critically important to follow the plans structure and not pull bits and pieces and hope they work together.

When we’re both committed to the common goal… great things happen.

All training approaches are only as effective as your ability to train consistently. This is why I like to put emphasis on repetition to lay down motor skills, re-develop intuitive skills and develop your mental focus (which keeps you task orientated and performing when it comes to race day).

Some athletes find this repetition monotonous and they end up changing sessions. By doing so, the athlete loses consistent training and it will show in the results. Each plan you see here is structured to balance workload across a number of Systems and when this is consistently followed we recover quicker and attain a greater training effect.

There is no short cuts in triathlon, consistent efforts over the long haul translate into success.

From consistency and commitment comes courage. Courage dictates the direction you go. The athlete who naturally and without falter drives on in the heat of the race courageously will more times than not snatch that victory or PB. Courage allows us to test our perceived limits of performance — only to find that there are no limits after all.

Courage allows us to overcome fear of the unknown or untried. Finding courage won’t always be easy, but the best way to develop the strength of courage is to be curious in your training… what if… it works ­čÖé

Confidence comes from doing… it always starts from a small flame and can develop to a roaring fire with the completion of each task or goal we set ourselves. As our confidence soars we gain increased energy, conviction and a strong purpose. When an athlete is confident they have more resiliency in the toughest of conditions.

When we take the road of action our confidence grows with every step and greater confidence can be gained from the three common factors below.

Strong Belief in the Training Approach:┬áNot just any belief but a firm belief that the training you’re completing is not only right, but provides the best possible preparation. Turn off the noise.

Confidence through Benchmarks:┬áRepetition of training sessions allows you to benchmark your training efforts against both long term and recent training performances. Time Trials, negative split runs and benchmark swim sets, help build your confidence as you’ll be achieving splits in training that meet your competition goals.

The more you repeat this objective the more your confidence will soar. Over the years with the reliance of long slow distance (LSD) training we have seen many athletes with the wishful thinking that somehow they’ll magically find their goal race speed on the big day! If you have consistently trained below the stress encountered in competition then it won’t just happen on race day. When you have felt and responded to these race like stressors many times in training.. you’ll be sure foot come race day.

Race Results:┬áThere is no doubting the confidence gained via race results but did you know you can also learn to gain confidence by learning to manage the inevitable deviations from your stated race plan. Through racing we learn to handle the adversity that comes along in the heat of competition. Little setbacks, malfunctioning equipment and many other ‘things’ allow us to learn better composure and improve our skills under pressure.

Dealing with race adversity is always going to be up to you the athlete. As a coach I can only advise in this area. The athlete can choose wether to learn from and get stronger or let the experience destroy the hard won gains in training.

When you believe in you and the training approach… ┬áand work on the 4C’s above success is not a matter of IF but a matter of when.