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TriSpecific Athlete Questionnaire

So for now… I’ll leave you with this. 

Dan Gable – The 1972 Olympic Champion wrestler and Olympic coach has a simple yet highly disciplined formula for success.

Success boils down to three principles:

1. You need to listen to good people, people who are knowledgeable and want the best for you.

2. You need to believe in what you’re taught by these people.

3. You need to apply what you’re taught.

Gable says that you will succeed when all three principles are in place. Better yet as you succeed, it will also lead to domination IF you continue working the formula.

What is cool is that it will work for anything you want to master, not only triathlon.

Listening and believing is not enough though. Nothing good happens if you don’t apply what you have learned over and over again, unless you practice the art of relentless repetition, you will never become a success.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this formula is too simplistic to be true. Well it maybe if you don’t want to be successful.

“The average class loves comfort. The world class are comfortable being uncomfortable.”- author unknown

Cheers and speak soon.
Kristian & Charlotte

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