This is not about training, this is not about racing better and it’s not about Triathlon …

This is about YOUR LIFE. (read on if you’re game)

But if you can ‘Take Charge’ of your life then everything in your life WILL get better.

I see a lot of people complaining of things lately on Facebook.

Actually there is one person in particular. I haven’t checked if they’re a subscriber here but every single post is negative.

From health to continual bad shit happening to them.

I really believe and know this to be true … as I used to be like this, that when we get into this continual negative mindset we manifest bad shit happening to us all the time.

We develop this ‘woe-is-me’ mentality.

We think the world is out to get us and our thoughts are overrun with a destructive victim

And guess what … all bad things become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now these words may sting like a slap in the face … if you (being honest with yourself) think like this.

I used to get sick every year … I used to have shit happen to me all the time. I played the victim, the whole world is out to get me card until one day I read something from a guy called Randy Gage and literally got ‘called out’ … I remember the hugely uncomfortable feeling of hearing what needed to be said and not what I ‘thought’ I needed to here.

He’s words stung … but I knew deep down they were true.

I had this belief that someone else was in charge of my life and that someone would come to the rescue to get me out of or over some crappy situation. This thinking is a fast track to nowhere.

As soon as I changed my belief, slowly ripped out all those crippling weeds in my mind and took ultimate responsibility for my life … good shit started to happen.

I didn’t get put-me-in-bed-for-days sick every year anymore. Nope gone. I just didn’t get sick anymore. I had this mindset on that. Bad things didn’t seem to happen anymore. They just disappeared and I felt monumentally happier in myself and my life.

I’m not saying there won’t be any challenges because there certainly will be. But you bounce back or learn to overcome them instead of blaming others for your circumstance and play out the victim card.

Like many of you know the crappy start to my year. Hospitalised for 6 days, missed 2 Ironman races, then had to get all four wisdom teeth out and had further issues stemming from that.

The old me would have been woe-as-me for sure. Not the new and imporved me. I’m back, feeling awesome and loving life. Were there challenges? Huge ones. But small improvements daily.

When we put out the continual crap to the ether and are asking for what you want to here and not what you need to here means you’re basically giving up and you’ll blame everyone and everything else for your life circumstance. You’ll believe you’re right and that you’re justified in your thinking and actions … no matter what anyone else says.

See playing the victim is like saying the world owes you something.

Thinking you’re owed is backward thinking … you’ll always fall short of any goals or dreams you may have with this thinking. Sure you may work hard and stuff will go wrong, you may even taste success to have it all disappear and you figure, hey I’m owed for al that stuff I did.

The world owes you nothing, but you owe it to the world to continually develop yourself to be the greatest you can be.

As the late Zig Ziglar said “Building a better you is the first step to building a better world.”

If you want to see a better world for yourself then you better get to work on creating a better you.

Creating a better you .. is tough, uncomfortable and unrelenting work. There is no room for mediocrity, there is only room for giving it your all to improve some little aspect of yourself daily.

Try this … try to improve yourself by 1% .. just a tiny 1% daily. That’s a 100% increase in YOU in 100 short days. Those days are going to fly by anyway.

Why not try… ?

There is no room or time to coast. Memento Mori . Life needs to be lived not just got through.

The only way any seemingly negative situation will change is when you take charge. Take charge with changes in your thinking and in turn the new actions you’ll undertake.

Who really cares where you are right now. Were you’re now is because of choices you have made up until this point. None of this matters because if you want something to change … then you and only you have the ultimate power in making that happen.

Think of where you’d like to see yourself. Get really vivid. Then come bro the present moment because it is the choices, the decisions and the discipline in the now … that gets us to were we want to be.

Your life. Your choice. Your responsibility.



P.S. I did a swim/bike brick this am. As I pulled out of the pool onto David Low Way I met up with another rider. I said .. How awesome is this day. Sunny, warm and on a bike. He said… could be better. It’s only my third bike back from open heart surgery and I’m 76… I said.. better?! That’s awesome. The day is stunning, your 76, you had open heart surgery to fix a faulty valve and you’re back out on the bike.

To me.. that is inspiring.

This guy was in great shape for 76. What 3 weeks of focus and he will feel the strength returning. I want to be out riding my bike when I’m 76.