How to Fit Your Wetsuit Correctly

Over the weekend at Port Mac I caught up with Nicole from Aqua Shop whom are also the Blue Seventy crew in Australia and got Nicoles tips on how to fit a wetsuit correctly. It makes such a huge difference when the wetsuit is on correctly. At most of the major events in Australia, Nicole and […]

Five Tips to Better Racing and Training

Performance Enhancement Athletes are always searching for that magic session or piece of equipment to propel them to the next level, but there are five essential elements that offer more performance and health gains than all the toys in the world. You can download the full article here: 5 Tips to Better Racing and Training

First Off The Bike Interview

Last week I got the opportunity to speak with Phil from First off the Bike. It was definitely off the cuff but a little insight into some of my thoughts on coaching triathletes. You can check it out here – Interview with Kristian Manietta – The Educated Approach

Simple But Not Easy

A while ago I was reading an article by Alwyn Cosgrove, who is one of the heavy hitters in the fitness industry and an expert on fat loss. Alwyn was answering the question: Is losing weight easy? His answer included the title above. It’s SIMPLE, but not easy. That got me thinking about triathlon; Are […]