Train Smarter

Balancing The Cost of Endurance Workouts High volume, high intensity training is often seen as the best way to prepare for a triathlon, but it can come at a huge cost to your body and lifestyle and negatively impact performance in the long run. There are a number of ways you can modify your training […]


No matter where we’re at in life we all have limitations (many self imposed) that stop us from reaching our potential. I’m going to keep this in the athletic arena but as always there is crossover. Right now post Ironman many athletes will be thinking of where improvements can come from with many thinking along […]

Warming Up for Ironman… Really!

I find it pretty interesting that athletes and coaches question a warm up when it comes to racing or completing an Ironman distance race. The usual response is, I wouldn’t want to tire myself out becuase I have a long day ahead or I can use the swim as my warm up. If your body […]

Five Tips to Better Racing and Training

Performance Enhancement Athletes are always searching for that magic session or piece of equipment to propel them to the next level, but there are five essential elements that offer more performance and health gains than all the toys in the world. You can download the full article here: 5 Tips to Better Racing and Training

The Aging Athlete

Today I got a question in our ‘Ask Anything’ module within the members area from one of my older athletes and I really believe it’s a great question and opens up some thought processes when it comes to designing training plans. Q: At 65, training for Port Mac in May, I notice the Long Run […]

First Off The Bike Interview

Last week I got the opportunity to speak with Phil from First off the Bike. It was definitely off the cuff but a little insight into some of my thoughts on coaching triathletes. You can check it out here – Interview with Kristian Manietta – The Educated Approach