Opportunity Missed or Gained?

One of my TS Black one2one coaching clients sent me an email yesterday with the subject line that is the title of this post. Basically she misread the ‘easing’ in part of the program and hit the full session a little earlier than she should have. Her long term consistency has been very good, so […]

4 Steps to a Faster Run

Running in triathlon differs from its single sport counterpart and because of this we need to train a little differently. The major difference between triathletes and pure runners is that triathletes start the run in an already fatigued state, which means their stride is shorter and the end of stride leg lift is lower, so […]

Possibly the most important 30 minutes

Are you neglecting possibly the biggest thing that will take your perfromances to the next level? The most important 30 minutes which needs to be included in your training time. I mean what gets scheduled gets done. I’m going to assume that you get the training done. Windy and wet outside… you jump on the trainer, […]

I’m Going to Pick a Fight

I thought that title might just ‘grab’ your attention. But I’m not joking around, I’m quite serious and the fact of the matter, it needs to be done. And by done, it needs to be done right now and on a continuing basis. There is a need to pick this fight and to keep picking […]

Make it Count

Reaping the benefits of focused training efforts No matter who you are or where you’re at in your triathlon journey, the major goal is always improving on your current level of performance. Kristian Manietta reveals how to break set motor patterns you may have developed over time and make your training more focused and effective. An athlete who […]

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I’m not a fan of volume (wasn’t always the case… I was head over heals in love with cranking out the volume but that all changed). Excessive amounts of aerobic load  does nothing other than break your body down. I’m always pushing myself […]