Opportunity Missed or Gained?

One of my TS Black one2one coaching clients sent me an email yesterday with the subject line that is the title of this post. Basically she misread the ‘easing’ in part of the program and hit the full session a little earlier than she should have. Her long term consistency has been very good, so […]

Possibly the most important 30 minutes

Are you neglecting possibly the biggest thing that will take your perfromances to the next level? The most important 30 minutes which needs to be included in your training time. I mean what gets scheduled gets done. I’m going to assume that you get the training done.¬†Windy and wet outside… you jump on the trainer, […]

Arnolds Six Secrets to Success

Success can be quite simple if and when we decide to follow these rules. Like him or not, you have to respect someone who has had success acroos three different fields. Enough said… Enjoy.


The final building block of success in this little series is… drum roll… Detachment. Basically it’s the ability to contemplate something objectively, without prejudice or bias. When applied correctly, detachment enables you to pay attention to signals and signs that carry information crucial to your successful attainment of your goals. Whats more, if you’re detached […]


We need to develop an unshakeable positive mental attitude. To do this we must be willing to take responsibility for our choices and for the consequences they imply. By taking respnsibility, you enusre that you hold yourself accountable to your calling and that you heed the forces that drive you towards it. Responsibility begins when […]

Your Attitude Governs Your Success

Attitude governs wether or not you – your body, mind, spirit and emotions – will adapt to the extent required for you to attain your goals. With the right attitude you express yourself as “want to” instead of “have to” and engenders a virtuous circle in which good traits like desire, dedication, discipline, determination and […]