From Strength to Strength

As a coach of long course athletes (half and iron distance), I’m a big believer that getting strong is a prerequisite to being a successful athlete. It’s an approach I have successfully employed myself as well as with the athletes I coach. This is not an opportunity to brag, but a chance to show you […]

Developing your Bike Strength

I got a little ‘side tracked’ as I was speaking about fluid trainers and the effort becoming more aerobic… and as you can see in the background that my training buddy cannot get the resistance high enough on his old trainer thus we adjusted his session (until we get my other computrainer back). Computrainers are […]

Back in Motion

My last two articles looked at better ways to warm up using soft tissue techniques, movement preparation and mobility drills to get you on your way to a more efficient range of movement, better tissue health and, of course, better performance. In this issue I want to discuss caring for your back. Many athletes and […]