Five Tips to Better Racing and Training

Performance Enhancement Athletes are always searching for that magic session or piece of equipment to propel them to the next level, but there are five essential elements that offer more performance and health gains than all the toys in the world. You can download the full article here: 5 Tips to Better Racing and Training

Going Long Training & Race Nutrition

Just recently our new member Tom B asked the question below in the forum! Unfortunately as I just found out, I am limited in the amount of characters for my response. So will do via this blog post. Q: Kristian just read your article – got me thinking, especially as i really bonked in IM […]

Race Week Essentials

Race week always seems to fly in like an approaching tropical storm and go just as quickly. The next thing you know, your sipping coffee over breakfast with fellow competitors trading race day stories. This should be a time of minimum stress but all too often we see athletes frantically running around wasting energy instead […]