Five Tips to Better Racing and Training

Performance Enhancement Athletes are always searching for that magic session or piece of equipment to propel them to the next level, but there are five essential elements that offer more performance and health gains than all the toys in the world. You can download the full article here: 5 Tips to Better Racing and Training

Improve Your Swim via A Better Warm Up

Swimming for most triathletes is the hardest part to improve. I definitely have my own methods on swim training that don’t necessarily conform to the traditional triathlon approach of lots of technique drills and kilometers in the pool. That reasoning will have to wait for another time, suffice to say for the ‘non-swimmer’ triathlete, the […]

Get Mobile

The topic of mobility might not be as sexy as pumping out a solid session of time trials but it is a majorly overlooked aspect of our health and fitness. A little attention to mobility could save you from niggling aches and pains all the way to full blown surgery, therefore keeping your hard earned […]

A Better Way to Warm Up

Last month I wrote an article for Australian Triathlete called ‘A Better Way to Warm Up’. In the article I go over some myofascial compression techniques, which are a programming element behind self massage that helps open up the neurological feeds to the muscle, while also priming your muscle tissue for the activity ahead. This […]