Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

Last night I was up late. Partly becuase I got my training session done and dusted for the day at 6:30pm which is late for me. The session could have easily been jettisoned as it was pouring outside, but how could I after posting this little Kekich Credo on my Facebook page and I have […]

Replay It

Sometimes kids can teach adults huge lessons if we stop long enough to watch and listen and even release some of those ‘adulthood’ shackles! How often will a young child want the same book read or watch the same movie and why do they do this? I wanted to provide a little insight into one […]

Two Simple Things That Can Change Your World

Wow, that is a big statement! However by doing these two simple things you can effectively make important changes to ‘your’ world. #1. Drink a HUGE glass of water the second you wake up in the morning. This will help you wake up, I know its early and you might be having that inner battle […]

Fitness and Health Don’t Always Share the Same Bed

Currently I am reading a book by Dr Phill Maffetone tilted ‘In Fitness and in Health’. I’m not that far into the book yet, however it brings to the forefront something that I have long thought of. We can be fit but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re healthy. Actually I would argue that a big […]

Fundamentals to Success Part IV

Finally I have got to getting the last of the Fundamentals to Triathlon Success on to paper or your computer screen I should say. I have so much great stuff going on with coaching, travel, clinics, moving into a new house and the best news of all that I’m going to be a Dad come […]

Thinking of taking pain killers? Think Again…

photo by Pink Sherbet We have all seen it, have all heard it discussed, and many athletes are taking pain-killers in the hope of reducing pain of an injury they may be carrying or even as a currently flawed thought process of being an ergogenic aid to enhance performance. There are now many studies showing that […]