I’m Going to Pick a Fight

I thought that title might just ‘grab’ your attention. But I’m not joking around, I’m quite serious and the fact of the matter, it needs to be done. And by done, it needs to be done right now and on a continuing basis. There is a need to pick this fight and to keep picking […]

They Say it Takes A Lot to Win … And Even More to Lose

So we get home from our road tripping to Port Macquarie and back with little nine week old Mack (he was a champion traveler I must say) and there we a have a full letter box. The usual suspects taking up space (bills etc) but also a nice big brown padded bag A4 size. I […]

Just a Little Pre Ironman Psych Up

I originally stumbled onto the versus video clip below from a friends blog Urban-Ninja who you’ll see me refer to often. Actually I recommend you read the post Release It that Raoul wrote before Ironman. Then I found this other commercial below that is similar. A good way to get in that Ironman, go out […]