Cross the Line

Sorry about the lack of info this week. Been head down finishing my TS 70.3 Blueprint (available next week). ¬†Today I’m going to keep it shortish… and get you thinking about how to further develop your performance without taking on any more training. Huh.. How is that possible? Simple, but it is going to require […]

Opportunity Missed or Gained?

One of my TS Black one2one coaching clients sent me an email yesterday with the subject line that is the title of this post. Basically she misread the ‘easing’ in part of the program and hit the full session a little earlier than she should have. Her long term consistency has been very good, so […]

The Way We Talk To Ourselves

We all know what self talk is right? It is the continual chatter you have in your mind and this self talk really matters. In fact, if you’re not happy with what you’re seeing in your external world, then you need to go to work on your internal world. I have seen a few parents […]

I’m Going to Pick a Fight

I thought that title might just ‘grab’ your attention. But I’m not joking around, I’m quite serious and the fact of the matter, it needs to be done. And by done, it needs to be done right now and on a continuing basis. There is a need to pick this fight and to keep picking […]

Stop Going through the Motions – Get More out of your Training Investment

Develop your mind-muscle connection and make your performances sore Admit it. How many of your weekly training sessions are, you know, just going through the motions? Where you’re literally sleep walking through a training session just to get it done while your mind is thinking about the emails you have to respond to, what’s for […]

What Happens in Vegas…

Circus, Night clubs, and a Whirlwind of Info Talk about a crazy trip. One that I didn’t even know I’d be taking two months ago, but one I’m damn glad I made the commitment to be on. The whirlwind of information will change my life. See I spent the weekend in Vegas at a business […]