4 Steps to a Faster Run

Running in triathlon differs from its single sport counterpart and because of this we need to train a little differently. The major difference between triathletes and pure runners is that triathletes start the run in an already fatigued state, which means their stride is shorter and the end of stride leg lift is lower, so […]

How to Fit Your Wetsuit Correctly

Over the weekend at Port Mac I caught up with Nicole from Aqua Shop whom are also the Blue Seventy crew in Australia and got Nicoles tips on how to fit a wetsuit correctly. It makes such a huge difference when the wetsuit is on correctly. At most of the major events in Australia, Nicole and […]

Ironman Race Day Tips

Your success at Ironman, regardless if your aiming to win, qualify for Kona or just finish, is a sum of many parts. The biggest part has already been done and that is the consistency in training and developing the aerobic capacity pathways and resilient muscles that keep firing over a long period of time. Ironman […]

Are You Feeling It?

It’s Ironman race week in the land downunder. For those racing, the nerves are mounting and the energy is so close to being released… It’s pretty damn exciting. Everyone racing shares a common goal. Get to the finish line. Some won’t and that’s unfortunate and it’s just the way of the game. But know this, […]

Success Is

It’s a little over a week away till Ironman Australia. Many athletes will be dreaming, visualising and even hoping for their own version of success come race day. For most athletes to feel successful they either have to place well in their respective age groups, set a personal best or even get that elusive slot […]

There Is Always a Chance

There’s just a little something about this clip that resonates with me. It’s so true and it happens again and again and makes sport so bloody interesting.  In 11 days time at Ironman Australia not all the favourites will win. “Not matter what, when the race is on all bets are off” – There will […]