3 Weeks to Ironman, Make them Count

Three weeks… that’s it. Right now in three weeks time those racing Ironman Australia will be likely having the day off and getting those race bags laid out and ready, the day will be so close you can taste it but still far enough away that the simmering pot of nerves hasn’t quite yet overflowed. […]

Secrets to Triathlon Success

Secrets… brings pretty interesting thought processes, especially within the realms of athletic performance. People the world round are constantly looking for those secret sessions that will ultimately bring about success. In triathlon, its those ‘training secrets’ that are going to magically catapult you to the next level. That’s what your looking for right? Maybe its […]

Race Week Essentials

Race week always seems to fly in like an approaching tropical storm and go just as quickly. The next thing you know, your sipping coffee over breakfast with fellow competitors trading race day stories. This should be a time of minimum stress but all too often we see athletes frantically running around wasting energy instead […]